Here are some elementary repair, maintenance and trouble shooting tips regarding car brakes.

Car Brakes

Car Brakes
Brakes are, of course, the most vital safety component of a car. And it is mandatory for your own security that you keep the brakes of your car in best condition. Break problems do not rise to a serious level suddenly. Most brake problems develop gradually and if the system is detected properly, these can be detected before they become serious. Driver of a car can tell if it has problems with its brakes. If it does have, it must immediately be taken to a technician.

There could be several causes of breaks malfunctioning.
Hand Brakes
One must apply the hand breaks when the clutch is pressed or the car is on the neutral. It will not damage the clutch system. While having the general check up of brake system, pay attention for blunt notches of the hand brake. If the brakes are not effective, see if the cable requires a replacement.

Parking Break Operation
People who drive automatic transmission vehicles seldom use parking brake. This could cause parking brake mechanism and cables to seize up. When set, the parking brake prevents vehicle from rolling. The vehicle rolls freely when the brake is released.

Level of Brake Fluid
One of the reasons for low level of fluid in brake fluid container could be leaks. There might also be a leak in the brake system. Whenever the system indicates this, you must immediately get the car examined. Driving a car with low brake fluid level could be dangerous.