BMW 760Li belongs to the BMW 7 Series cars. BMW 760Li is available in India and comes with latest features & technical specifications.

BMW 760Li

BMW 760Li
BMW 760Li is a landmark in the hierarchy of premium luxury cars. Belonging to the BMW 7 series, it is among the best driving luxury sedans offering optimum supremacy and exclusivity. It compiles of Euro 5 emissions standard and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

Design and Interior
This five seater sedan boasts of stunning exterior with sleek streamlined double headlights, clear lens fog lamps and double-kidney shaped radiator grille to adorn the frontage of the car and sparkling tail lamps cluster at the back. The interiors of the car have been specially designed to offer an exclusive ambience and opulent atmosphere to its occupants. It has been loaded with the finest leather upholstery and the aesthetically sculpted seats add to the spaciousness of the cabin.

Passengers sit in an opulent atmosphere in the car. Aesthetic senses of the passengers can be aroused by the well-appointed cabin. Ergonomically sculpted seats, upholstered in finest leather, enhance the appeal of the cabin. Audio, navigation and climate control settings ensure entertaining and comfortable ride for the occupants.

Variants and Price
The BMW 7 series is available in four different variants including 740Li, 750Li, 760Li and 730Ld. The price of the car ranges in between $71,800 - $118,900 (Rs 73 lakh to Rs 1.2 Crore). The manufacturer offers a wide range of lovely colors like Monaco Blue, Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Kalahari Beige, Titanium Grey, Titanium Silver and Sterling.

BMW 730Li is loaded with a 5972 cc 12-cylinders petrol engine that delivers a maximum power of 327 Kw @ 6000 rpm and peak torque of 600 Nm @ 3950 rpm.

The car is equipped with the latest safety devices to ensure maximum security of the occupants. The vehicle incorporates Modern sensor technology for air bags, Use of shatterproof glass for the windows, and Adjustable windscreen that can be pushed out for emergency exit.

Unladen 4905 lbs
Weight distribution, front/rear 51.0/49.0 %
Liter/type 6.0/V-12
Bore/stroke 3.50/3.15 in
Nominal output/rpm 438 @ 6000 hp
Max torque @ rpm 444 @ 3950 lb-ft
Compression ratio 11.3 :1
Fuel grade Unleaded premium
Automatic gear ratios - I/II/III 4.17/2.34/1.52 :1
Automatic gear ratios - IV/V/VI 1.14/0.87/0.69 :1
Automatic gear ratios - R 3.40 :1
Final drive ratio 3.15 :1
Acceleration, 0-60 mph 1 5.4 sec
Top speed 2 150 mph
Aerodynamic drag coefficient 0.29 Cd
Turning circle 41.3 ft
Fuel consumption 3
City/highway 15/22 mpg
Tires, wheels and brakes
Tire dimensions - Standard - front; rear 245/45R-19 Front; 275/40R-19 Rear5
Tire dimensions - No-cost option - front; rear 245/50R-18 Front; 245/50R-18 Rear4
Wheel dimensions - Standard - front; rear 19x9.0 Front; 19x10.0 Rear
Wheel dimensions - No-cost option - front; rear 18x8.0 Front; 18x8.0 Rear
Material alloy
Brake dimensions (diameter x thickness) - front; rear 13.7x1.18 Front; 13.6x0.94 Rear inch