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A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Sagittarius in 2014.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

The influence of year 2014 will make you versatile, adventurous and progressive. Add to this your own character pursuits - intellect and communication and you are sure to succeed in whatever you pursue. This is because you are able to intelligently apply yourself to problems and will generally not rest till you have found out the answer. Your planetary alignment suggests something special for you this year. On the professional front it can be a promotion or a salary hike. On the domestic front it can be a marriage or a birth. On the romantic front, your love can turn into a lifelong commitment. And on the health front, it can be a robust period both physically and mentally. However, not everything will work your way. Monetary front may remain disturbing because of some investments in dubious schemes. Outdoor activities may seem attractive to some, but will be fraught with risks.

Romance: If you have been dreaming of your prince charming riding a white horse and coming to take you – this is may be your lucky year. The situation may not be so dramatic yet it will be the way you usually fantasize about. Those who feel they have lost the charm and excitement in their married life; they shouldn’t worry as this year will give you enough opportunities to spice up your life once again.

Career: Your network and contacts will help you eye for new opportunities that justify your calibre and satisfy you with what you have been lately looking for! Work a bit more on your expressions as well as communication skills to open up more career avenues.

Lucky Months: March and April.
Lucky Nos. 6
Lucky Color: Red

Tip of the Year: In Feng Shui dove is a symbol of peace and harmony, and if they are in pair, they symbolize love. So as a good luck pair of ceramic, glass or metal doves should be used in your bedroom to enhance your love life.

Maintaining a working relationship with those you don’t particularly like will be a better option. You are likely to influence an important decision at work. Keeping doubts and suspicions at bay will enable you to remain much more at peace with yourself. This is the month of wish fulfillment for those with a glad eye! You can get serious about achieving good physique and figure. Travel is on the cards.

Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Baby Pink

You may rediscover the pleasures of old hobbies. Professionally, you remain on solid ground, out of reach of rivals wanting to pull you down. Spouse and family will make the home front a fun place to be in. An old relationship is likely to take a turn for the better. An enjoyable time is foreseen for those planning a journey. Additions and alterations to the house are on the cards for some.

Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Electric Grey

You will be a bundle of energy as you go about doing what needs to be done. By trying to do too many things at work, you may not be able to achieve much. Steady your pace to be productive. You can take steps to bolster your image on the social front. A steady love life will give you immense joy. Commuting problem is likely to ease for some.

Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Maroon

You may take time out to contemplate on certain personal issues facing you. A senior at work may not agree with your contention, but you will manage to convince. You are likely to realise that sarcasm or belittling someone has no place in personal relationships. Always catering to the moods of partner may take romance out of your life. Saving is fine, but there is no need to sit tight over money.

Lucky No.: 8
Lucky Colour: Lavender

Your indifferent demeanour will speak louder than words and can get you in trouble too at work. Differences with spouse or someone close can upset you. Lover may rebuff you over not doing something he or she is interested in. A journey may not provide you the promised comfort and hurt your pocket too. This is not the right time to deal in property. A windfall can be expected by some.

Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: Turquoise

You can get frustrated by someone hovering over your head all the time. A child can prove irksome and will need to be dealt with firmly. You can burn yourself out at work by rushing to achieve something big quickly. Savings frittering away can be a cause for alarm. Overstraining at work or home will prove bad for health. Some appeasing may be required to make the romantic relationship strong.

Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Maroon

Hope is on the horizon for those trying to start a family. Some additional perks at work are likely to be granted. You can achieve an enviable position on the professional front. Think things out carefully before agreeing to finance someone. Small gestures will matter immensely on the romantic front. A break in routine will help you recover your vigour and vitality. Some of you can buy something second hand.

Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Cream

Make a business commitment only if you are certain of meeting it head on. Someone may be desperate to meet you on the family front, just for old time sakes. You are likely to be game for planning a party and inviting your near and dear ones. Cupid’s arrow finds its mark as love blossoms. Wedding bells for some cannot be ruled out. Travelling with friends is on the cards for some.

Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Dark Red

An off the cuff remark by someone close can spoil the first week for you. Behaviour of spouse or a family youngster can annoy you no end. You may prefer to spend some extra hours at work. Some of you will manage to pay the last instalment of a loan. Freelancers can have some field days. A scheme you have invested in is likely to give good returns.

Lucky No.: 7
Lucky Colour: Golden

You will discover that becoming a yes-man at work can have its advantages! A long standing demand of a family youngster is likely to be met by you. Consume commensurate to your physical activity to remain healthy. You will succeed in rejuvenating your love life. Some of you can be entrusted with an important out of town job. Shifting to a new place of work is likely for some.

Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Pink

Now that you know the trend of your current workplace, you will be able to plan your strategy well. Your inner voice will be the best guide on the romantic front. There is still time before you can enjoy financial freedom, so spend carefully. There is merit in someone’s attempt to curb your extravagance. It will be a good idea to take everyone’s opinion before forming your own.

Lucky No.: 17
Lucky Colour: Lavender

Travel bug may bite some and take them someplace exotic. Your performance at work will be praiseworthy. You will manage to keep your personal and professional life neatly segregated. Physical closeness will give a boost to your relationship. You will keep the family in an upbeat mood by your antics. Those newly employed are likely to get their first salary. Imposing self-discipline will have positive fallout on health.

Lucky No.: 17
Lucky Colour: Parrot Green