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A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Libra in 2013.

Libra Horoscope 2013

The Goddess of Fortune will be most favorably inclined towards Librans for the entire 2013. So, stop looking for a magical wand here and there but start writing down your wish list! This is truly going to be a year you will cherish Libra! Those who have been blaming a downgrading health because of aging need to strengthen their mental toughness and they will start noticing a sudden improvement in health altogether. A perfect health also demands a balanced diet along with daily exercises from you. Keep these tips in mind, and you will enjoy a sound health all throughout. Parents who are looking for suitable alliances for their children are likely to hear of some really good prospects from their near and dear ones - so stop wasting much time on the online portals this year. Some uninvited guests may trouble your peace of mind in the month of May or September and may make heavy demands on you. It is preferable to 'grin and bear it' and do what you feel like. March and October are going to be wonderful periods for engaging yourself in property related matters.

Career: Keep a strict check on your financial dealings. Prudence and thrift will help you to safely overcome the occasional hiccups on this front. By putting in sincere efforts, you can expect the desired results. Libra horoscope 2013 predicts that your good communication skills will help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals. By working in harmony with your colleagues, you will do well in your professions. Avoid getting into arguments with your seniors since that would only be harmful for you. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies will have to wait a little longer.

Good Luck Tip: The career sector according to the Eight Aspirations theory lies in the North. Displaying a six-rod metal wind chime in this sector produces water energy, which activates for career luck. It is important, however, for the rods of the wind chime to be hollow, so that the auspicious Chi can rise up the chimes.

Romance: What you are going to experiment with this year are some new tactics and strategies to impress your crush. Come on! Get serious about your affair! It should be a Yes or no - whatever but a clear picture. Analyse the pros & cons of being with the person and take a stand. There is no point beating around the bush for no good reason. It is rather time to make some important decisions in life. Those entering into romantic liaisons for the first time need to proceed carefully.

Relationship Tip: In regard to colors, one of the best favorite Feng Shui tips for romance is to paint your walls a "skin-tone" color like ivory, beige, rose, white or lemon yellow. It's best to avoid painting your bedroom lavender because this is considered the color of chastity, which may be great for your teenager's room, but not for adults. Add red accessories to your bedroom in shades of scarlet, crimson, and burgundy to activate the Fire Element and ignite your love life.

Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Coffee
Lucky Months: March, April & October

Achieving financial stability will not pose problems, as you earn well. You may need a little push to succeed on the professional front. Those pursuing academics can expect a positive outcome. A tense period is foreseen for Librans who are out to get elected or nominated, during this part of 2013. Your academic achievements will help you climb the ladder of success. An initiative on the health front will do your health much good. Lover is likely to surprise you in a most pleasant way this month.

Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Indigo

Family's total support is likely to encourage you to venture out to realise your aspirations. You may find yourself under the spotlight on the professional front for something that you have achieved. Utilising time constructively on the academic front is indicated and will help you keep pace with others. Good earning is indicated for those in business. Mutual attraction may ring in a budding romance, so look forward to an exciting time! Health will remain excellent.

Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Cream

You may take a stand against those compelling you to cater to their whims and fancies. Spending quality time with your near and dear ones is indicated this month. Business trip to an overseas destination is likely. You will succeed in rejuvenating your love life. Payments that are getting delayed are likely to be released through your efforts. Pace of progress on the academic front will remain satisfactory. Becoming health conscious is likely to do you good.

Lucky No.: 5
Lucky Colour: Turquoise

A welcome change of scene is in the offing. You will have better focus on important issues at work. Some delay is foreseen in getting a long awaited payment. Your attempts to contact someone important for a favor may draw a blank, but don't get discouraged. Efforts to regain perfect health are likely to be rewarded soon. Sense of responsibility lacking in a subordinate may put you in a spot at work, so delegate accordingly.

Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Lavender

A long wait will soon be over and the outcome will be favourable. You may remain a bit concerned on the financial front. A prestigious assignment may come your way on the professional front, but you will need to give it your full attention. Your persistence will pay on the academic front in getting something you had wanted for long. Socially, you are likely to be most sought after, as your popularity rises. A short vacation is possible.

Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Saffron

Job becomes your top priority now, so don't neglect. Reducing expenses and increasing savings may be on your mind. A challenging assignment may come to you on the professional front. Your persistence is likely to show a marked improvement in your performance on the academic front. Socially, you are likely to be much sought after this month. Flagging love life requires immediate attention. A planned vacation may have to be postponed, due to something urgent coming up.

Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Brown

It will be in your interest to pursue issues that work in your favour. What you deliver on the professional front this month will be found satisfactory by superiors. Excellent rapport with clients will keep you in an upbeat mood at work. Loan applied for is likely to get sanctioned, putting an end to your financial worries. Some healthy choices on the health front will be a step towards your quest for fitness. This month, travel only if you have to.

Lucky No.: 8
Lucky Colour: Violet

Those ailing will soon be on the road to recovery. Once you set your mind on something, you generally see it to completion and this month will be no exception as you conquer everything that comes your way! Someone's good advice will help you get into the good books of a senior at work. An active love life promises to keep you satisfied. You may be in the mood for a bit of splurging, so go right ahead!

Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Violet

An entertaining evening is foreseen on the domestic front with friends and relatives. Someone needs your support, but may not be able to convey in those many words. You will need to seize the opportunity to make you mark on the professional front. A minor financial setback can get you into the thinking mode. Those apprehensive about a journey will travel in comfort. Health poses no problems. Get into the romantic mood this month cannot be ruled out!

Lucky No.: 7
Lucky Colour: Dark Blue

This is your lucky month. Those searching for the perfect mate will be in luck. Listen to your heart in deciding your future and you will not go wrong! Whatever is entrusted to you is likely to be completed most quickly and efficiently. Your uncanny sixth sense will not allow anyone to catch you on the wrong foot! On the investment front, you are set to reap rich rewards in this period of horoscope 2013 – make the most of it, Librans! Your popularity increases by leaps and bounds.

Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Red

This is the time to get to know someone closely. You will manage to focus on your objective and succeed, despite distractions on the professional front. Your way with words is likely to win over people who matter on the academic front. You are likely to give your best in learning the ropes in a new field. Making some new friends and having a beat up with them is possible. Love life remains excellent and most fulfilling.

Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: White

You may not find time for discharging your social obligations. Someone may get biased against you on the professional front and pose hurdles. You may feel that your efforts on the academic front are not being noticed. Take steps to augment your income or you may face cash crunch. Harbouring illogical fears can make you mentally tensed. Some of you may find spending time with near and dear ones therapeutic. You will manage to reignite your love life.

Lucky No.: 7
Lucky Colour: Off White