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A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Gemini in 2013.

Gemini Horoscope 2013

Gemini, prepare yourself to welcome this New Year with a great pomp and show! You are likely to benefit most on all the aspects this year. Be it good health, excellent opportunities on the career front, most awaited 'yes' on the relationship front or your fuller pockets on the financial front. Overall, nothing to worry at all on the health front; yet horoscope 2013 for Geminis advises you to stop fretting over petty issues. Instead, use your precious positive energy in a more creative way. This way, you will enjoy life to the hilt. Your near ones will be supportive and caring towards you. Returns from your trips to outstation places will be just about adequate. Tread slowly where property matters are concerned. You would do well to take things in your stride from June to August. Better things are surely in store for you; all you require this year is to channelize your energy in a positive way with a right frame of mind in all the situations you come along.

Career: Your financial condition will make you feel very secure. The year brings with itself opportunities to give you more than you require. Get that excitement in your nerves; after all it's been all the while you have been working for it - so say, it's time to reap what your efforts have been sowing till date. If, it was turbulence of any sort that has been perturbing your mind last year; be at ease; Gemini horoscope 2013 presents you a relatively quiet period for you professionally. If you work with a far-sighted approach and simply focus on your job, you will be able to surpass your competitors. Year 2013 would especially bring success to theatre personalities.

Good Luck Tip: Place a healthy small plant in the Southeast corner of your desk. This attracts good income luck and enhances your chances of personal growth.

Romance: Gemini, what could you ask for? When you are being pampered with love all around you! Your soul mate will be most accommodative. You will get joy from your love life. It's important that the partners in love have mutual understanding and trust for the relationship to be successful and now that you have always been putting your foot first to make all the adjustments - it's your partner's turn to shower all the love upon you and make you feel like a king/queen. Enjoy every moment that this year gives you to celebrate!

Relationship Tip: Keep the Television Out of the Bedroom - Nothing kills romance like the drone of late night television. If you have trouble falling asleep, try unwinding by reading love poetry or romantic novels. Your subconscious will shift accordingly, making you a virtual love magnet.

Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Months: June & August

Don't run scared of your social responsibilities, as there is no escape if you want to keep face. As you get deeper into your work, you are likely to get some insights that you had never imagined before. Yoga and meditation taken up by you, as suggested by Gemini forecast 2013, is likely to make you much tolerant of things that used to irritate you in the past. Infants can turn a bit colicky and demand all your time and attention. Housewives are advised to take up a new hobby or joining some creative classes to keep themselves occupied as well as channelize their energies in something more creative.

Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Purple

Love blossoms as cupid's arrow hits the mark! A positive outlook will help make home a happy place. You will manage to get rid of a feeling of inadequacy to bounce back with confidence on the academic front. Those in business will find things brightening up on the financial front. A short and swift victory is assured for those in a legal tangle. Enjoying a picnic or excursion with friends cannot be ruled out for some.

Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Rose

Helping out others monetarily will not dent you financially, so go ahead. Compliments and accolades come to you from all directions and please you no end! At work, you are likely to give a good account of yourself and come into the notice of those who matter. Getting serious about someone on the romantic front cannot be ruled out. Networking promises to ease your problems. You may opt for a healthy lifestyle by making changes in your routine.

Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

A little push from your side will make things happen for you, predicts Gemini horoscope for 2013. You will have the money to splurge and may embark on a shopping spree. An official work may be on the top of your mind, so delegate it, if you are not being able to tackle it yourself. Taking studies lightly threatens to make you a struggler, so let this be a wake-up call. Love life may prove distracting and affect your work adversely.

Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Orange

This is not the right time to get something expensive, so wait till your financial situation allows it. You may find it hard to forgive yourself for bad showing on the academic front. Office workload is likely to increase and make you do overtime. Lover may insist on exclusive time together and may get upset if you are unable to do so. Setting out for a vacation now guarantees an exciting time. Don't go against your nature.

Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Peach

A bit of initiative taken by you will go a long way in securing what you desire. Your good advice will help someone get out of an embarrassing situation. A better understanding and growing love can be expected by young couples on the marital front. A journey by road will give you the opportunity to visit little known places en route. It is best to resolve a property matter those involved, before it becomes a problem.

Lucky No.: 8
Lucky Colour: Electric Grey

You may not be in the right frame of mind to do anything complicated. Romantic stars are on the ascendant, so expect your love life to improve considerably. Good experience is likely to be gained by new drivers, as they get a chance for a long drive. This is an auspicious month for starting construction or renovation work. You may not see eye-to-eye with a senior, but don't contradict, if you know what's good for you!

Lucky No.: 8
Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue

You will love the way you get pampered this month by someone close. Keeping an optimistic outlook will keep you away from negative thoughts. A piece of news that awaits you on the domestic front may spur you into action. You may come into the firing line of lover for a promise not kept. Expenses incurred on a vacation will be worth every pie. Admission into a prestigious academic institute may not be easy, but don't lose hope.

Lucky No.: 5
Lucky Colour: Aqua Green

September You may need to get into the groove and take things as they come. An achievement on the academic front is likely to boost your self-esteem. You are likely to prove your mettle in a challenging environment at work. Some good news can be expected on the social front and will get you in an upbeat mood. Positive thoughts will bring positivity to your environment. You are likely to plan a much awaited vacation with family.

Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Sea Green

A marriage is likely to get solemnised in the family. You are likely to maintain your lead on the academic front, but don't underestimate the competition. There will be no looking back for those wanting to excel. Your power of expression and excellent communication skills will make you hot property at work. Genuine concern for someone in need will be much appreciated on the social front. Financially, things look good for you. Health poses no problems.

Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Sea Green

Spending time with someone you like is on the cards this month. You may feel you have the edge in a competitive situation on the academic front, but don't relax on this account. Your reputation on the professional front is set to rise. Much sharing and caring is foreseen on the family front. Some of you can expect gifts or cash. Spending time with a distant relative will prove most fulfilling. Take health warning seriously for your own good.

Lucky No.: 7
Lucky Colour: Cream

You may find yourself in a favourable situation on the social front. Those repaying loan will need to make it their top priority. Curbing your urge to splurge will be a big help. Dream vacation with lover is about to become a reality. Your stature is set to rise in the social circle. Helping out someone in need will provide immense inner satisfaction. Becoming health conscious will be a first step on the path to total fitness.

Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: Lavender