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The love compatibility between two Scorpio individuals can or cannot be great. Explore the relationship in a Scorpio-Scorpio zodiac match.

Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility

The relationship between two Scorpio individuals will be a bitter-sweet one. They have the same positive qualities and they share the same negative traits. This love match is bound to have lots of intensity, as neither the individuals is prone to enter into a relationship with shallow feelings. There will be lots and lots of romance in this zodiac match and it could easily result in long-term commitment and marriage. Both of them are extremely passionate about everything in their life and this includes their partner too.

Possessiveness and jealousy are the characteristics traits of the Scorpion and he cannot tolerate sharing something or someone he considers his. Whenever he becomes involved in a relationship, he becomes emotionally much attached, though it may take some time for his partner to realize this. His love is never something that he takes lightly. The compatibility problem with this love match will be that both the individuals are very stubborn and can be very difficult to persuade, especially after they have made up their mind.

If, at such a time, neither of them bends down a little, the clash can turn into something very serious and can even endanger the zodiac match. There may be stormy fights every now and then, but then, the reunions will be just as sizzling too. The love of a Scorpio has as much ardor as his hate. He cannot simply love or hate. He has to love passionate and hate fiercely. The relationship between two Scorpios will either be profoundly fulfilling or extremely devastating. There is no middle ground for these individuals.

Their chemistry will be totally endearing and their union will comprise of strong feelings, desires and emotions. Neither of them is satisfied with moderation in anything, they need to feel extreme emotions all the time. Both of them are extremely dependable and there will never ever be any complaint on the loyalty front. They will love each other, protect each other and fight for each other. However, there may be some problems as far as the long-term compatibility is concerned. But, none of them is so great as to not be cured by conscious efforts.