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Surat, the diamond capital of India, has a mind-boggling array of sightseeing spots. Read on to know more about the places to see in Surat.

Places To See In Surat

Surat, located on the west coast of India, has always been the cynosure of business icons and traders. Suryapur aka Surat is endowed with tropical monsoon climate. The ever-friendly people, besides being deeply rooted in culture are equally passionate about food and festivals here. So in case you land up in Surat, don't forget to gorge on rich local delicacies like dhoklas, bhujias, undhiyun, meethi kadhi, etc. During the special occasions like 'navaratri,' people participate in 'garba', the popular folk dance of Gujarat. Another interesting factor that is worth-mentioning here is the fact that most of the local inhabitants in Surat commute by auto-rickshaws than by buses. Some of the wonderful places like Chintamani Jain Temple, Surat Fort, Saputara, Dutch Garden, Vansda National Park must be given the top priority on your must-see list. For buying souvenirs, head out to the small shops that abounds in brocades, silk saris, handicraft items, table lamps and many more. Read further to know more about the places to see in Surat.

Tourist Attractions In Surat

The Textile Market
The textile market is not just a shopping paradise but also a prominent tourism spot in Surat. All you ladies travelers are specially recommended not to leave this place without buying the famous embroidered silk and brocade products, saris and drapes that are completely drool-worthy. The ornamented saris produced here in bulk are so much in demand that they are even exported to the Middle East countries.

Vansada National Park
Flanked by rich flora and fauna, Vansada National Park is one place where adventure lovers would love to visit. Wild animals like tigers, panthers, rusty spotted cats, deer, four-horned antelopes, pangolins, wild boars, leopards can be found here in abundance. However, those interested in hitting this park must seek prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, Gandhinagar or the district forest officer, Ahwa to gain an entry to the forest. From Surat, there are many buses that will drop you around the park.

Dutch Gardens

A stroll along the glorious Dutch Gardens will give you a glimpse of Surat's historical past. The gardens are pleasant and tourists can breathe a whiff of fresh air as they walk along this Surat's pride. There is zero-pollution here with absolutely no room for noise or chaotic rush. Don't leave Dutch Gardens without visiting the ancient port of Makaipul housed within the premises of the gardens. For kids, there is a toy train that offers exciting joy rides.

Hajira Beach
The pristine blue water of the Hajira beach along with the marble sands is enough to make visitors throng this place. Especially on weekends and holidays, the beach becomes packed with local inhabitants and tourists. Located 28 km off the city of Surat, the beach is a perfect place to head out during summer. A series of holiday resorts are present near the beach that offers good accommodation facilities to those who wish to stay here. The casuarina trees that surround the beautiful beach further add a dash of glamour to the place.

Chintamani Jain Temple
Chintamani Jain temple that has been standing tall since 15th century is remarkable in terms of structure, architecture and design. The shrine also has a collection of rarest paintings of Jain preacher Acharya Hemchandra, King Kumarpala and Solanki King. What more, the sandalwood replica of Chintamani Jain Temple can be sighted in London Museum too! The delicate wooden pillars housed inside the shrine is simply out of this world and leaves you speechless. The Jain temple is situated at Muglisara, near Mausolem of Mirjan Sami.