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Surat aka Suryapur is one of the wonderful sightseeing destinations in India. To find out more on how to reach Surat, read the article further.

How To Reach Surat

Surat, strategically located on the southern part of Gujarat, is one of the thriving commercial hubs in India. One word that best describes this town and the people here is 'passion'. As one strolls down the fine lanes of the city, the inviting smell of fresh 'surti food' wafting out of the kitchens and restaurants entices the senses. The roads are prim and proper with no dirt or grime smeared on it unlike the rest of India. No wonder, Surat is touted as the third cleanest city in India. As you tour the sightseeing places while you travel around the city by local transportation modes, make sure to extract considerable amount of snippets regarding the city from the local inhabitants and fellow passengers. If you don't want to shell out big bucks on traveling, then commuting by auto rickshaws would be your best bet. If you are traveling to Surat any time soon, then knowing how to reach the city and get around the important destinations will be of help to you.

Traveling To Surat

By Air
Previously, when Surat didn't have an airport of its own, travelers had to catch the flight to Vadodara airport, which is situated approximately 140 km away from the city. Now the city has become easily accessible, all thanks to the Surat Airport, which has been set up recently. Surat airport is located at Dumas road in Magdalla and mainly flies two domestic airlines- the Indian Airlines and the Kingfisher Airlines.

By Road
Endowed with excellent road network and highways, Surat is well-connected to the key cities of Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh by its highways. There are umpteen numbers of state transportation buses and luxury coaches plying from parts of Gujarat and also from other metro cities at regular intervals. While some of the buses travel within the city, there are some government buses that connect Surat to the other states of Gujarat. Once you get down at the bus station, catch a private bus or an auto rickshaw to reach your preferred destination. Also, if you get a chance, travel by hi-tech SMSS buses that are unique and modern and promises a comfortable ride.

By Rail
The next viable option of reaching Surat is by train. Surat has its own railway station, which apparently is one of the major stops on the Mumbai-Delhi-Ahmadabad broad gauge line. There are plenty of trains plying from key railway stations of various cities to Surat railway head. Apart from Rajkot Express, Jodhpur Express and Ajmer Express, there are total of 14 trains that will help you reach the city. Other important trains like Paschim Express, Ahmedabad-Mumbai Shatabdi Express, Gujarat Express, Mumbai-Porbandar Saurashtra Express, Karnavati and Surat-Bandra Express also pass through this station.

Local Transportation
People of Surat love to travel in and around the city by auto rickshaws, taxis, rented tourist vehicles and government buses. Therefore, if you want to go for sightseeing or just roam around the city, you can hire auto rickshaws or cabs. Tourists can hire taxis from the taxi stands, set up in the various parts of Surat. The most preferred local transportation mode frequently opted by local inhabitants is, undoubtedly, the humble auto rickshaws. Commuting in Surat is delightful as the roads here are well-maintained and clean compared to other cities.