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Rishikesh, strategically located in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh, is a hotspot destination for shopping. To get an insight on the shopping places in Rishikesh, read on.

Shopping In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, an enigmatic spiritual land that enlightened many great souls and yoga enthusiasts from time immemorial, holds a special place in India. This is the right destination to hit if you want instant gratification and wish to escape the frenzy of the chaotic world. Besides being a nomad's favorite land, this is also the place to shop for exquisite and brilliant souvenirs. A plethora of Ayurvedic shops and government emporiums can be found on the lanes of Rishikesh. People here mainly use tongas and autos to freely move in and around the city. Swargashram that has a collection of shops, ashrams and cafes is an important shopping landmark in Rishikesh. Since Rishikesh is an important pilgrimage destination, religious curios like rudrakshas, astrological gemstones and medicinal plants are, undoubtedly, the most popular selling souvenirs. To know where to hunt for shopping items, read the following write-up that features the famous shopping places in Rishikesh.

Shopping Places In Rishikesh

Laxman Jhula Market
Laxman Jhula market is a colorful shopping paradise in Rishikesh. The small stalls and shops found in this area are filled with a collection of valuable items like rudrakshas, wooden goods, gems, Idols of gods and goddesses, local jewelries and many more. Polishing your bargaining skills before landing up here will help you bag the best deals. Health freaks can also stuff their shopping bags with Ayurvedic medicines and oils. Young adults can by trinkets, colorful accessories and trendy clothes from the shops here.

Bhajan Sangam Music Shop
This unique shop, located near the Ram Jhula Swargashram, is a one-stop shop for buying musical CDs of various genres including Indian classical, lounge, devotional and trance. Not just the music aficionados, even tourists can be seen browsing through the rare audio collection. The popular selling music CDs are devotional, yoga and meditation music.

Sudha Chandan Mahal
Another delightful place to shop in Rishikesh is the Sudha Chandal Mahal, which is a treasure-trove of lovely souvenirs like handicraft items made out of shells, pearls and beads. Authentic precious stones, sandalwood chains, tulsi and rudrakshas sell like hot cakes here and are the much sought after items in the market. The shop becomes crowded especially during the peak tourist season.

Brijwasi Gems & Jewelers
Brijwasi Gems & Jewelers situated near Swargashram sell all kinds of rudrakshas, crystal items, semi-precious stone pendants and gemstones. It's not just pilgrim and tourists who throng here, but, even other local inhabitants flock here to have a look at the interesting stuff displayed here.

Khadi Bhandar
Located on Lakshman Jhula Road, Khadi Bhandar is the best place to head out if you want to splurge and buy ethnic Khadi wear of different varieties. Besides silk saris, kurtas, tops, frocks, pillow covers and hats, you can purchase grocery and foodstuff here. Men and women can also shop for fashionable leather products such as wallet, jacket, belt, chappals and purses.

Garhwal Wool And Craft Shop
This shop sells exquisite saris, fashionable kurtas, rugs and sheets at pretty reasonable prices. Jam-packed with buyers all the time, the store has all kinds of apparels including yoga outfits and T-shirts inscribed with religious idols and symbols. Also, woolen products of various designs and patterns can be bought from here at reasonable prices.