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If you are traveling to Patna, know that it is not very difficult to reach Patna. Scroll down this write-up to know more on how to reach Patna.

How To Reach Patna

Nestled among a slew of spiritual centers and many architectural masterpieces, the city of Patna is the birthplace for two most distinguished religions -- Buddhism and Jainism. The city shelters several historical sites, which are more than centuries old. However, one site that stands out is Bodhgaya, a UNESCO World Heritage site that holds great significance among the Buddhists. If you are traveling To Patna for the first time, you would be amazed to see Patna's rich heritage, manifested in its many archaeological sites. Patna is also the home to diverse religious shrines that only goes to show the city's religious tolerance. If you are in the mood to discover this region, then make some time and visit the nearby cities of Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir and Vaishali that are of a great cultural and religious importance. However, if you are not someone with a keen interest on the history of the city, then the Gandhi Ghat is the place for you to go. Situated close to the Ganges, the ghat is sometimes visited by friendly marine mammals like the dolphins. Apart from its cultural and historical sites, the place also holds amazing shopping venues such as Khaitan market, Patna market and Hathwa market. Patna continues to be an important seat of politics, history and culture in the region. Read the article to know more on how to reach Patna.

Traveling To Patna

By Air
Patna, being the capital of Bihar, is well connected by air to several important destinations within the country and globally as well. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash International Airport, which is situated 10 km away from the centre of the city, operates both domestic and international flights. Air carriers like IndiGo, Jet Airways, JetLite, Kingfisher and Spice Jet connect to places like Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Mumbai and Lucknow, etc. regularly. Furthermore, there are frequent flights that fly from Patna to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Although traveling by air may seem like an expensive ride, it is good to know that you won't be spending too much time traveling.

By Train
Patna serves an important stopover in the Eastern Central Railway lines that connect to several cities located far and near. Places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Guwahati, Chennai, etc. are well-connected to Patna by railways. A journey by Indian railways not only gives you an opportunity to interact with the local people, but also observe the stunning vistas of the countryside found in the region. Although there are quite a number of trains that halt at Patna, it can get difficult at times to get a confirmed train ticket, especially during the peak season. So, better make your bookings in advance.

By Road
If you want to travel at a comfortable pace and explore the surrounding areas before you actually arrive at Patna, then you must opt to travel by road. NH 19, 30, 31, and 83 are some of the best optional routes that you can use to reach the city. To know more on the exact map route, follow up with your local travel agent. The roads in Patna are well maintained and connected to other important cities in the country. There are also several taxis and bus services that will take you to the city for a reasonable price.

Local Transport
The local transport in the capital mainly comprises of auto rickshaws, local trains and buses found in the city. However, the buses and auto rickshaws are quite popular among the local people. The fare for auto rickshaws and buses are very nominal and are easily available within the city limits.