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To explore the beauty and glory of Patna, it is very essential to visit the place at the right time. Read the article to know more on the best time to visit Patna.

Best Time To Visit Patna

Like all other metropolitans, Patna too teems with huge structures, heavy traffic and big crowd. However, amidst the hubbub, the city upholds its heritage with elan. The interesting fusion of modern lifestyle with its historical past lends the city its own unique appeal. As you trail down the alleyways of this ancient city, you will be mesmerized to see a number of ancient monuments and sites, which speaks volumes about the city's glorious historical past. Apart from this, many other things make Patna stand apart from the rest of the Indian cities. Among them, shopping indeed tops the list. With a cluster of shopping destination, ranging from old markets to new malls, the city provides everything to suit the needs and pocket of people from different walks of life. To enjoy all these specialties of the region, it is very essential to visit the place at the right time. Go through the writing below to know more about the best time to visit Patna.

When To Go To Patna

Like most other Indian cities, Patna too has a sub-tropical climate with simmering summers and cool winters. The summers here, extending from March to June, experiences bright sunny days with the temperature ranging between 320C to 430C. Summers are the most inapt time to explore the city. However, if you happen to visit this place during summers, then make sure to carry light cotton clothes and sunscreen lotion. The monsoon, although offers a pleasant break from the arid summer days, sets the humidity levels soaring, thereby adding to the discomfort of the people there. The winters here, which last from October to February, can be cold with the temperature levels plummeting to 50C. Thus, it would be better if you carry loads of heavy woolen clothes if you plan to visit Patna during winters.

Best Time To Explore Patna
Although Patna is flocked by tourists all throughout the year, the winter months between October and February are the most preferred time to explore the region. The weather during this time is cold and the days are much better than compared to the irksome days of summer. Visiting Patna during winter will help you to enjoy some of the major attractions of the place. Apart from the welcoming weather, this period is best suited to participate in festivals and fairs like the Rajgir Mahotsav in October, Sonepur Animal Fair in October/November and Patliputra Mahotsav in March.

Things To Do
Patna is flecked with tons of tourist attractions, which allures tourers from around the world. Some of the noteworthy attractions of Patna are Kumrahar, Sher Shah Suri Mosque, Golghar, Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, State Secretariat Building, Hanuman Mandir, Mahavir Temple, Zoological and Botanical Garden. Besides these places, there are number of other places, which help you to experience the richness of the region. A trip to any place will be incomplete without enjoying the shopping areas of the destination, and it is true in case of Patna too. Popular for regional goods such as hand painted showpieces, embroidery on fabrics, designer jewelry and pottery, a walk through the market lanes is likely to leave you juggling with goodies. To feel the real essence and to know more about Patna and its regional specialties, there is no better way than visiting the place during the ideal seasons.