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Panaji, Goa's capital city, is one of the enthralling shopping destinations in India. Read on to know more about the top shopping places in Panaji.

Shopping In Panaji

The quaint little town of Panaji is endowed with old colonial charm that reminds the tourists of its rich historical past and heritage. As you trail down the wide alleys of the city, you can see many mansions and red roofed buildings built in typical Latin style. Panaji, besides being gorgeous, is simple and uncomplicated to explore. Though walking is the best way to unravel the minute details and features of the city, you can opt for bike taxis and auto-rickshaws to explore the city to its fullest. While you are on your itinerary to this wonderful city, don't forget to gorge on the tongue-tickling Goan food and go cruising on a river. For shoppers, Panaji has some great shopping markets and stalls stocked up with lovely souvenirs. The government emporiums housed within the city also do brisk business and draws many visitors. Terracotta shell work, curios, old coins, beach-wears and carved furniture are some of the popular selling items in Panaji. Scroll down the article further for detailed information on the top shopping places in Panaji.

Shopping Places In Panaji

Bombay Stores

This lifestyle store is a good place to make a stopover and check out the stylish apparels, memorabilia, cosmetic products and crafts. Nestled in St. Sebastian Road, this shop is frequently flocked by foreign tourists and glitterati. Some of the hot picks of this store are cotton chakra T-shirts, handcrafted chakra hobo bags, photo frames, magic lanterns and Asoka pillar in wood.

Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach, located 3 km away from Panaji, is not just a tourism spot but also a great place to indulge in beach shopping. As you go about exploring the sandy beach skirted by palm trees, don't forget to check out the stalls close by that sells fashionable and eye-catching beach-wears, cozy hammocks, gift items, sandals, wooden artifacts, shell works and the list is simply endless. Foodies can hit the eatery stalls serving chaats like pav bhaji, sev puri, and other scrumptious stuffs.

Sacha's Shop
This small well-lit place has some amazing collection of gift products, apparels and accessories. Sacha's Shop remains open on all the days from 10 am to 8 pm and is every fashionaista's paradise. As you browse along, you can spot cool funky earrings, cotton kurtas, Turkish trousers, cotton totes and lots more. Also, there is a separate section in the shop exclusively dedicated to organic handmade soaps and yummy homemade cookies. So, don't forget to stuff your bags with loads of these souvenir items.

Singbal's Book House
If you are a sworn "bookaholic," then head out to Singbal's Book House where you can find lots of international newspapers, travel guides, magazines, novels, and books solely related to Goa. The bookstore remains open from 9:30 am to 7: 30 pm on all days except on Sundays. This place is not just flocked by bookworms but tourists flock to this place in multitudes to explore more about the city. This oldest bookstore of Panaji is situated at Church Square beside the Tourist Information Office.

Wholesale Cashew Market
Located within the heart of the city is the Wholesale Cashew Market that is ever bustling with tourists and true cashew nut lovers. Vendors selling different types of skinned, whole, salted and unsalted cashews can be spotted here. This is a good place to buy cashews since the price is reasonable and the quality of the nuts is superlative.

Panaji Handicrafts Emporium
Panaji Handicrafts Emporium is a one-stop shop for buying authentic Goan handicrafts and artifacts. Some of the products that sell like hotcakes here are papier mache items, bamboo and cane works, shell decorations and brass works. Some of the other important emporiums and craft centers to check out in Panaji are Sunrise Craft Center, Tashka Emporium, Heirlooms and Kairali.