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Got the energy, adrenaline and a thing for party? If yes, then gear up yourself for a great nightlife in Panaji. Read about Nightclubs, bars and discotheques in Panaji.

Nightlife In Panaji

The history of hippie culture and endless fun and entertainment makes Panaji one of the most exotic party destinations in the country. Immortalized by its beaches and churches, this old city is replete with typical Goan charms that make the city even more riveting. But that isn't all to the city of Panaji. Apart from its Portuguese tradition, string of beaches and attractive shopping markets, Panaji also offers great nightlife merriments to its after-hour freaks. Though nightlife in India is not so popular, the liberal attitude of Panaji has earned itself quite a rep as one of the most happening party destinations in the country. As the sun disappears, the crowd gear up to dunk themselves in nightlong booze sessions and frenzy party. Along with the pubs, nightclubs, bars and discotheques, Panaji nightlife is further accentuated by the foreign tourists, who add to the sonority of the celebrations here. Thus, with an endless array of tourist and nightlife attractions, Panaji tots up as the best place for a heavenly holiday and the best place for experiencing great nightlife.

Panaji Nightlife

Glamorous Rave Parties

For all-night freaks out there, Panaji could be your dream destination for after-hour jubilations with massive, mind-blowing rave parties rocking the city almost about every night, though most of the parties are held underground. Frenetic energy, trippy Goan trance and hardcore party freaks makes the bash livelier. So if you happen to be in Panaji, or somewhere close to the capital city, then keep your ears tuned in and ask the localites to lead you to the best rave clubs in the town for lavish bashes.

Tempting Dinner
If you aren't the party types, then you can always head out to the bistros, bars or the beach-side stalls here that offers lip-smacking seafood delights and unlimited booze. Every piscivorous ultimate dream destination, Panaji welcomes the gourmands with its string of luscious food joints. Hit Viva Panjim to savor Goan staples or rush to the au latino Hotel Venite Restaurant for a yummy snack. Another great eatery in Panaji is Cidade de Goa, a swanky village themed restaurant that also boasts of an amazing bar named Bar Latino.

Hottest Spots
If you thought Panaji was all about beaches, booze and raves, wait until you discover the nightclubs and discotheques here. With tons of riveting nightlife destinations, Panaji serves as the lord of Indian nightlife culture. Places like 'Ozone' and 'Underground Arena' offers endless fun and are the most preferred hangouts for the party freaks. Groove to the sassy tunes, guzzle gallons of beer and party hard all night long in Panaji, the ultimate party destination in India.

Casinos Of Panaji
If you like to explore the mysterious world of gambling and dare to take chances, then Panaji delights you with few of country's best casinos. Winners Casino and Caravela Casino are two of the best casinos in Panaji. In these casinos, you can enjoy the night by lavish drinks and by playing games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and craps.