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Panaji cuisine has an interesting blend of both local and international flavour. Read on to find out more about Panaji food and its mouth-watering delicacies.

Panaji Food

The best part of being a global trekker is the opportunity to experience diverse culinary delicacies, especially if you are a foodie. Panaji food, which is mainly about Goan cuisine, caters to different palates from western victuals to authentic Goan food. From classic dishes like fish curry and rice to continental food, Goa offers a complete feast to its vacationers. Apart from the non-vegetarian dishes, Goa also has yummy vegetarian options like as khatkhatem, mushroom tondak and foogath, among others. The beach sides are dotted with seafood restaurants to appease the hungry palates. Just like the popular roadside stalls in the country, Panaji also has numerous beach shacks and food stalls that offer quick seafood bites to hungry visitors. While you are in Panaji, don't forget to try the local drink called 'feni' that is made out of coconut or cashew nut palms. Panaji has a number of beach bistros to try out the local delicacy. Read on to know more on Panaji food and treat yourself to its lip-smacking delights.

Panaji Food Guide

Roadside Delights

A majority of the population in Panaji are non-vegetarians. Therefore, you are sure to find many meat vendors selling tasty seafood on the streets. Many of these meat carts sell deep fried fish, prawns, mussels, chicken cutlets and many more. A popular street snack is potatoes and minced beef stuffing. There are many variations of this dish such as potatoes and eggs or onion rings. 'Raso Omelette' in Goa is as famous as 'hot dogs' in the U.S or 'vada pav' in Mumbai. It involves an omelette being cooked in a fiery coconut gravy and is usually eaten with bread. Also, try the 'chouricos', another popular Goan good delicacy influenced by the Portuguese style of cooking. The dish involves pickled meats being smoked and dried with spices and doused in gravy. Chouricos is a local favourite here. As for the vegetarians, check out the bhajias and Goan samosas known as 'Chamucas', a mix of different vegetables, lentils and spices stuffed inside flour and deep fried. You can get vegetarian and non-vegetarian chamucas too. The best place to taste these lip-smacking snacks is in any open-market food stalls or beach side shacks.

Traditional Goan Food
Most authentic Goan dishes are combined with different aromatic spices, herbs, chillies and a generous dose of rich creamy coconut milk. Cumin, turmeric, chillies, garlic, coconut, vinegar and other spices are a common ingredient in the recipes here. Goa has many traditional dishes like pork vindaloo, sorportel and xhacuti to appease the gourmands. 'Khatkhate' is a well-liked vegetarian stew that has mix of sweet and pungent flavours to it. Ruled by the Portuguese for over hundreds years, several Goan favourites are inspired from the colonial style of cooking, cabidela and caiderirada being the most famous of those dishes. O Goa, Corina Restaurant and Bar, George Bar and Restaurant and Horse Show are the best places to dine in Panaji.

Other Foods
No meal is complete without sweets and Panaji has a number of varieties to its credit. While most of these sweets are usually included on the menu during festival time, you can easily savour them in any restaurants. Bebinca, dodol, doce and pinagre are the most famous sweets in Panaji. For all those liquor seekers who want to satiate your thirsty desire, try 'feni', a local drink here. Goa is an important tourist spot that allures many international travellers due to which the food industry has taken a complete turn about. With many multi-cuisine bistro and cafes popping up in the recent times, the universal goal to please global holidaymakers only leaves you spoilt for choice.