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Visiting Panaji at the right season definitely helps you to experience the best of the place. Read the article to know more on when to go to Panaji.

Best Time To Visit Panaji

To enjoy your vacation away from the usual crowded beaches of Goa, you must visit Panaji, a wonderful city highly influenced by Portuguese culture. With its great heritage and rich history, the place takes you across a completely new experience. Dotted with number of churches, villas, forts and palaces, a trip to this tiny place promises to be highly exciting. Surrounded by a number of beaches, an evening or early morning visit to the sandy shores would get you close to the calm and unseen beauty of nature any maybe a chance to view the sunrise and the sunset. A trip to Panaji is not only limited to visual treat as the fairs and festivals of the region makes you familiar with their culture and lifestyle, which is completely different from rest of India. To experience the true essence of the city, visiting the place at the right time is very essential. To know more on the best time to explore the splendor of Panaji, go through the article below.

When To Go To Panaji


Having a tropical monsoon climate, the climatic condition of Panaji is highly influenced by its strategic location. During the peak summer months of May and June, the mercury level shoots up to maddening heights with temperatures reaching up to 35oC. However, light pre-monsoon drizzle brought by the Southwest monsoon offers some relief from the sweltering summer heat. In the monsoon months of June and September, Panaji receives heavy rainfall. Although winter in Panaji extends from November to February, the chill of the season is not so extreme. When you go through the climatic records of the city, you will come to know that the place does not experience a vast variation in temperature during summer and winter.

Best Time To Explore Panaji
All though there is no particular season to enjoy Panaji, the place gets crowded by tourists from late October to early April. During the months of December and January, the city is decked with all the color and glitz and entertains its visitors in the midst of awesome climate. Enjoying the nights on the cool beaches with some fire log and some peppy beats makes a trip to Panaji a wonderful experience. Apart from the usual attractions, the carnival period during the month of February and early March helps you to know more about the culture and tradition of Panaji. The Christmas and New Year celebration with parades, pageants and late night parties adds that extra doze to the city's attractions.

Things To Do
To get away from the endless beaches of Goa, there is always Panaji, which is highly influenced by the Portuguese culture. A few days spend in this small, cute town definitely remains as the most memorable and jovial experience. The influence of Portuguese can be felt in its food, culture and celebrations. On your trip to the place, don't miss to visit Adilshahi Palace, a classic example of Goan architecture. Some of the other attractions of Panaji are Archaeological Museum, Mahalakshmi Temple, Old Portuguese quarter of Fontainhas, St Sebastian Chapel etc. To entertain you further, the city has a number of beaches, which offers spectacular beach experience to its visitors. Last but not the least, a slew of impressive shopping destination adds that extra touch to your trip. With a number of shopping areas, you can shop for anything and everything here.