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Besides being a royal holiday destination, Jodhpur is a great place to shop. Read the article to know more on shopping places in Jodhpur.

Shopping In Jodhpur

If you thought that Jodhpur was all about peerless architecture and imperial ruins, wait until you step into one of those bustling shopping lanes of the city and get completely bowled over by its endless array of colors, textiles, trinkets and more. Shopping in Jodhpur is one-of-its-kind of an experience. From old bazaars to rural hubs to the major commercialized areas, touring down the busy shopping lanes of Jodhpur is an inimitable experience. While shopping in Jodhpur, don't forget to stuff your bags with goodies like fine Rajasthani tie-and-dye, mirror-work and block printed textiles, traditional paintings, blue pottery, light-weight quilts, carpets and more. Apart from this Jodhpur is quite famous for its wooden craft, traditional dolls, handmade lamps, colorful bangles etc. Today, Jodhpur has emerged as an important export centre, making Jodhpur an internationally sought after shopping destination in India. Navigate through the article to know more about the shopping places in Jodhpur.

Things To Buy In Jodhpur

If you are an antique lover or a collector, then your hunt for old Indian pieces ends here. Umaid Bhavan has several shops that sell an incredible variety of different goods such as pottery, silver ware, textile, carved ducks, sculptures, metal objects, paintings, ivory, furniture, rare first edition books, wooden carvings etc. If you don't have the budget to buy an original antique piece, then you can always purchase a replica that is not only cheap but also make for a great gift to carry back home. Rajasthan Art Emporium, Rajasthan Arts and Crafts House and Sun City Art Exporters are the best place to look out for antiques.

Jodhpur also has a huge textile industry that sells tie-and-dye, mirror-work and block print fabrics. These tie-and-dyed materials have beautiful traditional motifs that are sold in a variety of cloth such as cotton, silk, and chiffon. From colorful saris to ethnic dress and bright turbans, Rajasthan has a wide range of collection that will entice any shopper. The best place to purchase Indian traditional ware is form Kapraa Bazaar, Sojati Gate Market, Nai Sarak Market and Sadar Market.

Another thing to look out for while shopping in this city is for its leather products. The footwear in Jodhpur is simple fascinating as there is a wide collection of Indian footwear that is worn with Indian clothes such as sari, salwar kameez, sherwani and Jodhpuri suits. Most of this footwear comes in different patterns, colors and designs with beautiful sequins work. The price of these leather goods are relatively cheaper and can be easily found on the streets of Mochi Baazar and Jutti Corner on Station Road. You cannot leave Jodhpur without buying this footwear.

If you are looking to take back a few delicate sliver trinkets for close friends and family, then you can be sure to find more than a few shops in the marketplace of Jodhpur. Take a stroll through Sarafa Bazaar to find ethnic silver jewelry, colorful lac bangles to match your outfit and well designed photo frames. Sarafa Bazaar is a great place to do some street shopping.

It is a well known fact that Jodhpur has a thriving handicraft industry. The carpets in Jodhpur are a treat to your eyes. Visit High Court Road to find some unique colorful rugs and durries. Most of these carpets are hand weaved that displays traditional designs with a burst of color. You can also find a few wall hangings with beautiful embroidery work that promise to brighten your decor.

Jodhpur is popular for its red chilies that are exported to many parts of the world. Mathaniya's red chili is known for its rich dark red color that will set your palates on fire. The best place to shop for spices in Jodhpur is in Clock Tower for an intriguing and unusual experience.

Other Bazaars
If you do have a few more hours to spend in the city before you leave Jodhpur, then make a quick jaunt to Tripollia Bazaar for handicrafts products and textiles items, Lakhera Bazaar for Lac work bangles and Sadarpura Market to complete your shopping excursion in the city.