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Jaisalmer, the desert city of India, is every shopper's ultimate haven. To know more on shopping places in Jaisalmer, read on.

Shopping In Jaisalmer

Huddled up amidst the vast desert expanse in Rajasthan, the "Golden City" of Jaisalmer is known for its imperial grandeur and classic desert charms. Rising out of the golden sandy deserts, the city promises to leave its visitors enthralled by its architectural marvels, magnificent palaces and typical Rajasthan havelis laced with delicate carvings and 'jharokas' or balconies. The scenic landscapes that you see in this whimsical land are good enough to transport you into a dreamy fantasy world. This golden city, embellished with rich cultural heritage, has an endless list of tourist attractions and shopping markets that adds to every traveler's delight. Shopping along the narrow lanes and browsing through the colorful shops located here is possibly the best way to get close to the city and experience true Rajasthani culture. Wooden boxes with intricate designs, puppets, leather items, hand-woven fabrics are the most sought-after souvenirs in Jaisalmer. Given below is detailed information about shopping places in Jaisalmer that are worth looking around. Check them out.

Shopping Places In Jaisalmer

Bhatia Bazaar
Bhatia Bazaar is one of the liveliest bazaars in Jaisalmer. The market is filled with valuable collection of souvenirs ranging from carved wooden boxes, oil lamps, belts and wallets to table cloths, tapestry, cotton, silk textiles and lots more. The vendors may try to dupe you by charging exorbitant amount of money. So don't forget to haggle hard and make the best use of your bargaining skills. Shopping in this crowded lane is a wonderful experience and the best part is that the shopkeepers here are dressed in their traditional attires, which are an absolute treat for the eyes.

Sadar Bazaar
Another popular shopping spot in Jaisalmer is Sadar Bazaar that stores both traditional and modern products. The shops are well stocked with a wide array of items like woolen pattu, puppets, blankets, tapestry, carpets antiques, embroidery and many more. Like Bhatia market, even in Sadar Bazaar you can see vendors dressed in their ethnic clothes. If not shopping, at least a walk along this street is highly recommended to experience the real Rajasthan flavor.

Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan
Khadi lovers can try heading out to this shop that is located near the Town Centre Seemagram Campus. Besides shawls, carpets and other woven apparels, you can also shop for embroidered handbags and handcrafted couches at reasonable prices. Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan is kept open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on all the days except on Sundays. Other khadi shops present in Jaisalmer are Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad , Gandhi Darshan Emporium and Jaisalmer Handloom Handicrafts Industries.

Sonaron Ka Bas
Sonaron Ka Bas, whose literal meaning is 'abode of goldsmiths,' is the best place to hit if you are looking to splurge in jewelries and other related items. You can find lots of jewelry shops and stalls lined up here that offer a wide range of impressive jewelry products. Women specially throng here to buy silver and gold jewelries of different designs and shapes. Especially in the evenings and during the times of auspicious occasions like family or marriage ceremonies, the crowd at Sonaron Ka Bas peaks high.

Light Of The East
Within the vicinity of the famous Jaisalmer fort, there is this unique shop called 'Light of the East' that is stocked with rare and semi-precious stones, forty different varieties of crystals and other mineral specimens. Some of the stones spotted here are aquamarine, onyx, jasper, aventurine, quartz, sandstone, etc. The prices of these stones depend on the quality and the type. A huge piece of apophyllite can also be seen here which still hasn't found any buyer.

Ramesh Leather Shoe Shop
Leather lovers must check out this small yet fascinating shop located right behind the main fort of Jaisalmer. Besides spotting skilled workers engrossed in creating camel leather products such as chappals, purses, shoes and leather statues of camel, you can also purchase these products at reasonable rates. The pure leather waist belts found here are a must-buy item. So loosen your purse strings and get splurging!