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With vibrant array of striking goods, shopping in Jaipur is an experience in itself. Read the article to know more about the popular shopping destinations in Jaipur.

Shopping In Jaipur

Jaipur, the city of colors, is not only popular for its historical past but also for its bamboozling array of shopping streets. Jam-packed with colorful bazaars and flea stores, the multihued markets of Jaipur offer a great variety of goods, which tempts you to stop and shop on your trip to glorious pink city. On your way to the spectacular market itinerary, you will come across vivacious Jaipur products like precious and semi-precious stone jewelry, handicrafts, carpets, pottery, bangles, traditional fabrics, authentic furniture’s, leather ware etc. Among the wide list of availability, conventional Jaipur jewelry with ‘kundan’ and ‘minakari’ works is noted all over the world. With a string of retail and wholesale outlets catering to various local and foreign goods, the mind-bending shopping experience in Jaipur cannot be traded for anything else. Go ahead and explore the article to know more about the energetic shopping culture of historical kingdom - Jaipur.

Shopping Places In Jaipur

Johari Bazaar

Johari Bazaar, the legendary jewelry market in Jaipur, is famous for its exquisite cuts and unique designs of traditional Rajasthani jewelry. This renowned market, located at the junction of Gopalji Ka Rasta and Haldion Ka Rasta, is a treasure trove of beautiful ornaments. The extravagant display of Rajasthan jewelry attracts tourists not only from India but from all over the world. With bustling ambience, lively crowd and extensive range of products, shopping in Johari Bazar is definitely a lifetime experience. The bazaar remains open on all days, although a part of it remains close on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Bapu Bazaar And Nehru Bazaar
Bapu and Nehru Bazaar of Jaipur are most popular for artistically designed embroidered footwear called ‘Mojri’. Bapu Bazaar is located between Sanganeri Gate and New Gate while Nehru Bazaar is situated on the Western side of Bapu Bazaar. Apart from this, these bazaars are also famous for leather goods, perfumes, jewelry and fabrics. The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping in these areas is bargaining. On your visit to Jaipur, do have a glimpse of this traditional Rajasthani market.

Rajasthali, located opposite Ajmer Gate, is an exclusive state government emporium of Rajasthan. This retail store is packed with attractive handicrafts, which proudly displays the creations of best craftsmen of Rajasthan. This traditional and contemporary shop of state government is famous for brassware, pottery, exotic paintings, furniture, traditional fabrics and jewelry. With all these creative artifacts, Rajasthali is truly a shopper’s paradise.

Kishanpol Bazaar
Kishanpol Bazaar, the famous textile and furniture market of Jaipur, is situated near Babu Harish Chandra Marg and Chaura Rasta. The Bandhani textile in this bazaar is popular all over the world for competent artwork on fabrics. On your visit to this market, you will find number of artisans working skillfully to convert the white fabric into colorful cornucopia of bandhini designs. Some of the popular Bandhani designs are lahariya, mothda, chequered, small circles and diagonal strips.

Tripolia Bazaar
Tripolia Bazaar, the popular utensils market, is located between Manak Chowk and Chhoti Chaupar. With the availability of various items such as brassware, ironware, textiles and utensils, Tripolia Bazaar is the ultimate place to buy home wares. Apart from this, this market is also famous for colorful and elegantly designed carpets, which is admired for its Indo-Heratic designs displaying flora, fauna and landscape.

Mirza Ismial Road (MI. Road)
Mirza Ismial Road in Jaipur houses large number of shops selling variety of goods ranging from traditional fabrics to authentic jewelry and from blue pottery to intricately designed woodwork. Other attractions of MI road are old silver jewelry, antiques and handicrafts. Along with creative handworks, there are many small shops on roadside, which sell bangles, Jaipur fabrics, footwear and carpets.

Shopping Malls
With ever raising shopping malls, shopping in Jaipur is a wonderful experience. Shopping malls are an integral part of Pink City and a visit to these malls definitely excite you with colorful markets and yummy eating joints. Some of the popular malls of Jaipur are Gaurav Tower near Malviya Nagar Pulia, Metro situated in Chitranjan Marg and Crystal Palm near Bais Godam Circle.