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Itanagar boasts of shopping lanes that are chock a bloc with amazing handicrafts and interesting curios. To find out the shopping places in Itanagar, read on.

Shopping In Itanagar

Itanagar, swathed by rich flora and fauna, is the first place in India to witness the glowing rays of the sun and is fondly known as the 'Land of Dawn-Lit Mountains'. Apart from spotting tribal communities, you can also find enchanting tea gardens, apple orchards and magnificent monuments here. Visiting Itanagar is like a refreshing break as the place buzzes with many untouched and unspoiled virgin spots. What's more, the pleasant weather makes the place scenic and a year round destination. Itanagar, although doesn't have swanky malls and plush complexes, the roadside markets and small shops are enough to make your shopping experience rich and complete. Some of the popular shopping items are woolen shawls, wooden articles, bamboo baskets and not to forget, the marvelous Tibetan Buddhist paintings or the 'thangkas'. While dealing with the vendors, do bargain hard as their ability to trick tourists by charging exorbitantly prices scores high. Itanagar can be easily reached from any part of India, as there are various transportation services always at your service. You can rely on cycle or auto rickshaws and taxis to move in and around Itanagar. Given below is the detailed list of the top shopping places in Itanagar. Scroll down the article to explore.

Things To Buy In Itanagar


Thangkas or the Tibetan Buddhist paintings are found in plenty in Itanagar. There are many shops and roadside stalls selling Thangkas in different designs at reasonable prices. The city is scattered with a spate of emporiums and handicraft centers that houses artifacts and has an amazing assortment of Tibetan paintings. These elegant looking paintings are made on cloth with the help of vegetable dyes or gold.

Exotic wood figurines and sculptures are other popular selling souvenirs in Itanagar. Carved wooden objects of animals and birds can also be spotted in some of the shops. Besides art connoisseurs, even tourists stuff their travel bags with woodcarvings found in narrow bustling bazaars of the city.

Bamboo And Cane Items
Wonderful bamboo and cane products like chairs, flower vases, baskets, lamps, crafted bamboo mats, wall hangings sell like hot cakes in Itanagar. Each souvenir shop in the city has a stock of bamboo and cane items. Most of these delicately woven bamboo items are created by skilled artisans.

Woolen Products
The demand for buying woolen shawls, sweaters, caps and carpets in Itanagar goes up especially during the wintertime. To buy the best quality woolen products, head over to Bomdila, a beautiful small town situated near the main city. Besides, you can also shop for some traditional and colorful masks there. Many local buses and other transport modes ply from Itanagar until Bomdila at frequent intervals.

Fruit Bowls
Eye-catching fruit bowls made out of Monpa wood is also one of the topnotch selling souvenirs in Itanagar. Besides bowls, you can also find dishes and cups made of this spectacular wood that are created in bulk by accomplished wood carvers. So, make sure to buy these fascinating fruit bowls that make perfect gifting items for your near and dear ones.

The bright and fashionable sarongs worn by both men and women are a rage in Itanagar. Many roadside vendors and street stalls are loaded with sarongs. Besides sarongs, don't forget to splurge on attractive bangles and bead ornaments that are a must add-on to your shopping cart.