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Tucked away in the extreme eastern part of India, Imphal is truly a pleasant departure from the hubbub of metros. Read the article to know more on when to visit Imphal.

Best Time To Visit Imphal

Applauded worldwide for its ethnic tribes, esoteric 'vaishnavite' rituals, and, not to forget, its classical dance form - ras leela, Imphal definitely enjoys a prized cultural standing among its other northeastern counterparts. Perched on the heart of an oval-shaped valley, the city of Imphal charms the tourists with its one-of-its-kind of appeal. On your trip to this land, don't forget to hit the vibrant bazaars and splurge on traditional weaves, beautiful souvenirs, cane and bamboo artifacts and a wide range of papier mache products. For those who would explore this city from close quarters, donning a traditional 'Innaphi', 'Phanek' and their customary sarong will get you up, close and personal to the cultural side of the city. Whether you wish to dig deep into the historical facet of Imphal or explore its natural side, taking a hike to the war cemetery or the state museum or trekking down the hills would leave your adrenalines surging. With plenty of things to do, see and explore, a trip to Imphal would tot up as a perfect getaway for the wanderlusts. If you are delighted by this resourceful description on Imphal and plan to make a visit anytime soon, then trailing down this article should leave you informed on when to visit the city.

Ideal Time To Visit Imphal

Imphal has a humid subtropical type of climate, which means the summers are warm and winters are cool with monsoons being the moderate of all seasons. During the summer months, i.e. from April to June, the average mercury level soars up to 250 C. The summers in Imphal are usually hot and humid with July being the hottest month of all. During the monsoons, Imphal receives plenty of rainfall that adds to the lush beauty of the land. June is the wettest season here with Imphal receiving 1320 mm of rain. The winters here, which prevail from December to March, are rather cold in this part of the country. During extremely cold days, the temperature sinks as low as 40 C. On these nippy days, it is best to avoid venturing outdoors.

Best Time To Explore Imphal
Although Imphal enjoys a good climatic condition throughout the year, the extremely freezing days between December and March are best avoided. If you wish to see Imphal at its best, then October to March is the ideal season to flock this city. Some of the popular festivals during this time, namely Christmas, Ramanavami and Deepavali catches your attention and promises to add to your joie de vivre.

Things To Do
Imphal allures you with its scenic landscape and cultural delights. Endowed with favorable weather and a plethora of tourist attractions, the city serves as the ultimate destination for the itchy feet and the hitchhikers. From wild life tour to adventure boating and from sacred temples to lip-smacking local cuisine, Imphal has everything to offer to you. Viewing 'ras leela' being performed on Govindajee temple can truly be an experience of a lifetime. Some of the noted attractions of the city, namely Manipur State Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, Khonghampat Orchidarium etc. upholds the grandiosity of Imphal. Apart from sightseeing. Imphal is quiet popular for its adventure sports such as river drafting, trekking etc. So on your visit to this city, don't forget to loosen your spirits and enjoy yourself to the fullest.