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Uttaranchal's capital city, Dehradun is chock-a-block with tourist attractions. To get a deep insight about the top tourist attractions in Dehradun, read the article in detail.

Places To Visit In Dehradun

Located strategically in the foothills of the Shivalik Range, Dehradun is a dream destination for many tourists. Various attractions line up along the neat roads of Dehradun. Some of the notable attractions of the place are Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Robbers Cave, Sahastradhara, Malsi Deer Park and the Rajaji National Park. For those looking for a memorable shopping affair, the busy streets of Sahakari Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar, Rajpur Road, Ashley Hall and Connaught Place are the best bet. Besides the fruit orchards, the city is well-known for its salubrious climate, Basmati rice and traditional knives or 'khukris'. Dehradun is well-connected to other cities through well-connected transport systems. Besides tourism spots, government institutions and residential colonies flank Dehradun and add a tinge of metropolitan touch to the city. A wide range of multi-cuisine restaurants can be found in this city and thus, eating out is never a problem. Know more about the top tourist attractions in Dehradun by reading the article further.

Tourist Attractions In Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Temple
Tapakeshwar temple is one of the most revered sites in Dehradun. Located 5.5km off the city centre, this temple draws crowd from various parts of India. During the time of auspicious occasions like Shivratri, thousands of pilgrims gather here to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Also famously referred to as 'Guchhu Pani', this tourism destination is a must-see spot if you are planning a vacation to this city. The best time to visit this religious place is either in the month of August or between the periods of February-March.

Malsi Deer Park
To check out beautiful deer housed in their natural habitats, Malsi Deer Park is the best place to visit. Situated 10km away from Dehradun, the park is beautiful and serene with lush greenery surrounded flanking the spots from all sides. An ideal weekend getaway, the place is abuzz with variety of birds, peacocks, rabbits and tigers apart from deer and neelgai. Also, found within this attraction is the fascinating children's park that comprises of various swings, joy rides, merry go rounds, etc.

Situated 5km off Dehradun, Tapovan is the perfect place to become one with nature and ward off all your worries. Besides sages, you can find various spiritual seekers and tourists fully engrossed in practicing meditation and other rituals. Tapovan, set up amidst gorgeous greenery, is located on the banks of sacred River Ganges that adds a whole new spiritual dimension to the place. Tapovan can be easily reached from Dehradun by taxis and buses.

Forest Research Institute
Forest Research Institute, set up in the year 1906, is one of the favorite picnic spots among the tourists. The institute, whose main goal is to preserve the animal, bird and plant species, has a total of 6 museums. Each museum is an enchanting treasure trove of interesting stuffs. Different types of wood, flora and fauna species and fascinating insects adorn the museum.

The literal meaning of the word 'Sahastradhara' is 'Thousand Fold Spring'. The water falling from a height of 9 meters contains sulphur that is endowed with healing powers. The picturesque place set amidst the lush greenery and Baldi River is serene. Though tourists can visit Sahastradhara at any time, the ideal period to hit this place is during monsoon when the water gushes down with full force, making the place look even livelier.

Rajaji National Park
One of the major landmarks in Dehradun is Rajaji National Park that boasts of rich flora and fauna. People from different walks of life gather here to witness the magnificent splendor of nature. Besides plants and trees, one can see colorful birds chirping and playing around amidst the natural settings. Wildlife enthusiasts must check out the animal kingdom that comprises of wild animals like barking deer, langoor, wild boar , tiger, sambar to name a few. Within the vicinity of park lay several rest houses for the convenience of tourists.