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If you haven't visited Doon Valley yet, then you are missing out on a great camping experience. Read the article below to know the best time to visit Dehradun.

Best Time To Visit Dehradun

Whether you are looking for a great picnicking experience or unlimited adventure options, Dehradun is one place that surely won't disappoint you. The scenic state capital of Uttaranchal, Dehradun is undoubtedly the ideal summer getaway for the vacationists looking to evade the summer sun and indulge in a hilly retreat. The hilly city offers you a plethora of attractions that is hard to find anywhere else. From visiting the famous museums and shrines to indulging in picnicking and amazing sport activities, you can enjoy all kinds of attractions in the city. The laid-back city ambiance of Dehradun makes it a perfect destination for a nice pleasant summer retreat or honeymoon. Well, just in case the explorer in you gets on the spirited side, then you can grab your backpacks and hit the popular cities of Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Sharanapur and Paonta Sahib, lying close to Dehradun. Since Dehradun is nestled between the Himalayas and the Shivalik Hills, the weather here remains pleasant all around the year. However, avoiding the rainy season would ensure that you enjoy a nice stay in Doon Valley. Read the article to know more about the best time to visit Dehradun and plan your trip accordingly.

When To Go To Dehradun

Dehradun mainly experiences three main climatic changes namely, summer, monsoon and winter. Summer in this region is usually warm with temperatures rising to a maximum of 350C. Summer season in the hills begins in the month of March and lasts until June. Winter, on the other hand, sets in during late October and lasts uptil February. The mercury levels during this time sees a drastic dip with the temperatures falling down to freezing point of 30C. During this time, the place also receives snowfall and is the best time to go skiing and indulging in other snow sports. With the influences of the Arabian Sea, Dehradun receives ample showers during the monsoon months of July and September.

Opting For Your Favorite Seasons
Summers in this hill station is absolutely marvelous. The western-styled architectures swathed around with colorful blooms, extensive apple and lychee orchards, and silvery cascades just magnifies the beauty of this place. The view is spectacular during this season. Accompanied with warm sunny climate and clear blue skies, the weather is such a tease during this time that is hard to resist from venturing outdoors. To experience this weather, do visit Dehradun anytime between March and June. The months from July to September witnesses a moderate amount of precipitation. After the town is rain washed and the last remnants of the hazy gray billows begin to clear away, the first rays of the sun pierces through th sky to create a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors. Towards the month of November, the chills of the winter begins to set in and the colors of leaf begins to wane and wither away. As snowfall begins, the town undergoes a dramatic change in its scenery. The entire hills are covered with soft snow white peaks. The town takes on yet another beguiling sight despite nature's sudden loss of color. The best month to visit this place during winter is anytime between December and February.

Best Time To Visit
Dehradun is a year round destination implying anytime is the best time to visit this city. However, it is advised to visit the place during the summer months of March and June. The weather is ideal during this time for a day long excursion. So, you won't have to be anxious about the rain or the snowfall playing a spoil sport from letting you have an eventful day ahead. Besides this, you have another reason to visit this place in summer. Dehradun hold a few fairs within the city during the summers like the Lakhawar Fair and the Jhanda Fair that reflect on the importance of the local culture and beliefs.