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Never been to Ahmedabad and are wondering how to reach the city? If yes, read this article to get to know how to reach Ahmedabad.

How To Reach Ahmedabad

Ranked as the seventh largest city in India, Ahmedabad is an important metropolitan city in Gujarat. Situated on the banks of the River Sabarmati, this former capital city of Gujarat is colloquially known as ‘Amdavad’. The city is said to have been established in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah after which the city was passed on to the supremacy of British Presidency. Home to Bhadra fort, Jama Masjid, Swaminarayan Temple and the famous Dandi march, the city holds great significance in Indian history and its independence. Ahmedabad today is highly progressive and flourishing due to active industrialization. The city houses pharmaceutical, chemical, IT, gemstones and the textile industries. Due to its expanding textile industry, the city is nicknamed as the ‘Manchester of the East’. Because of its growing infrastructure and commercialization, Ahmedabad boasts of excellent transport facilities in India. Read the article to explore more on how to reach Ahmedabad.

Traveling To Ahmedabad

By Air
The city’s airport is located 15 km away from the city centre. The Sadar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is always bustling with activity. The airport is said to operate both international and domestic airlines and has an average of 250 flights landing and taking off each day. Some of the global destinations the airport caters to are Australia, USA, Dubai, London, Singapore, Sharjah, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Bangkok, etc. Ahemdabad is an important business and tourist centre. Hence, you can avail several domestic flights that will take you to any other Indian city in a matter of hours.

By Rail
Ahmedabad falls under the Western Railways division and it is the main means of transport for those who want to reach the city from different parts of the state. The railway station is situated around 8 km away from the international airport and is one of busiest railway stations in India. The railways connect Ahmedabad to various smaller towns, villages and other major urban places in India. The railways are comparatively cheaper and frequently used by all sections of the society. Since the railways are the most popular means of travelling, sometimes it can be difficult for you to get a ticket at short notice. So, make sure to get your bookings done in advance.

By Road
If you are travelling from Mumbai or Delhi to Ahmedabad and decide to commute by road, then take the National Highway 8. This route not only connects the city to the metropolis, but is also the fastest and safest way to reach the place. The city is also well-connected to the nearby towns of Gandhinagar, Vadodra, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Palitana. Several taxis and buses travel back and forth to the city. The state government has introduced several A/C buses that will take you to Ahmedabad and other places within the state of Gujarat or to other metros. Bus facilities aim to offer comfortable transport at a moderate price to the travelers. Apart from this, several private buses will take you around the city. Not only are they fairly priced, but are also quicker and convenient than other modes of transport. If you don’t wish to loosen your purse strings, then you can avail the ordinary or sleeper buses.