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Make your trip to Ahmedabad the most memorable one by visiting the place at the right season. Read the article to know more about the ideal time to visit to Ahmedabad.

Best Time To Visit Ahmedabad

The intellectual and artistic hub of Gujarat – Ahmedabad paints a rich portrait with its architectural monuments and artistic splendors. The city, which offers unique style of architecture expression, is admired for its creative blend of Hindu and Islamic styles of design. Today the city of Ahmedabad, which has emerged as the leading industrial land of the country, attracts number of tourists with its scenic surroundings, variety of old charms and appetizing food. Along with its old legacies, Ahmedabad fascinates its visitors with its modern ambience and recreational sites. Adding to the city’s splendor are the vibrant celebrations like Deepavali, Dussehra and Navratri that sates the city with its own unique appeal. The journey to this wonderland promises to be a riveting experience for anybody. However, before you pack your bags and head out for Ahmedabad, make sure that you visit the place at the right season so that you can make the most of your trip. To know all about the best time to visit Ahmedabad, read on.

Ideal Time To Visit Ahmedabad

Situated at a height of 55 m above sea level, Ahmedabad experiences extreme climatic conditions, resulting in a very hot and humid climate. Summer, monsoon and winter are the integral part of Ahmedabad’s climate. From March to May, the city experiences extremely hot temperature with the average mercury level shooting beyond 34° C and more. The monsoon, which persists from June to October, offers a relief from the scorching heat of summer. Ahmedabad receives a heavy seasonal rainfall that sweeps the land with the cool air of the monsoon. With an average rainfall of 93.2cm, Ahmedabad is often at the high risk of heavy floods triggered by torrential rain. From November to February, the city enjoys the cool and dry breeze of winter. The temperature in winter ranges from 15°C to 35° C is apparently touted as the best time of the year to make your visits to the city.

Best Time To Visit
The temperatures in Ahmedabad vary greatly from season to season. Of all the seasons, the cool and pleasant winter is by far the choicest season of the year. With mild temperature and pleasant weather, winter tots up as the ideal season for enjoying the resplendency of Ahmedabad. If you have plans to visit Ahmedabad, then any time between November and February should turn your visit into a perfect outing.

Things To Do
Ahmedabad, the textile city of India, allures huge number of tourists with its monumental heritages like Bhadra Fort, Teen Darwaza, Sarkhej Roza and other memorials. On the chilly evenings, a walk down the temples, mosques and other religious and patriotic sites will fill you with a sense of awe and admiration. Winter being the season of celebrations, you can experience most of the cultural heritage of the city during this time. Along with its captivating sites and deferential culture, the traditional vegetarian cuisine of Ahmedabad is likely to get you begging for more. You can hog on spicy chats and snacks to sate your appetite or eat your heart out at the famous multi cuisine eateries. After the luscious food, the next big thing on every tourist’s ‘to-do’ list is shopping. Ahmedabad being the shopper’s ecstasy is noted for its exclusive saris, handicrafts, embroidery works and other traditional wears. So come to Ahmedabad and splurge your heart out!