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With a smorgasbord of lip smacking cuisines and gourmet delights, Ahmedabad promises to tickle the taste buds of every food lover. To know everything about Ahmedabad food, read on.

Ahmedabad Food

Remarkable history, magnanimous monuments and appetizing food unquestionably entices you to explore the exquisite culture of Gujarat’s economical hub – Ahmedabad. The quaint city of Ahmedabad, which beckons tourists with its architectural beauties and gastronomical delights, stands up as a paragon of Gujarati culture and the food here is a rich testimony to this fact. The city of Ahmedabad, which caters to some of the most the mouth-watering delicacies of the region, is most admired for its rich blend of traditional and international dishes. If you are a true-blue vegetarian, then Ahmedabad is your food paradise. Gujarat, being the land of hard-core vegetarians, offers you a string of vegetarian eateries, good enough to scarf out one’s appetite for authentic vegetarian Indian delicacies. However, if ‘dal and dhokla’ isn’t your thing, then you don’t have to despair. Ahmedabad is equally famous among food freaks for its exciting array of non-vegetarian delights and a wide range of international cuisines. With its rich culinary heritage and mouth-watering offerings, Ahmedabad truly stands out as food metropolis that has something to offer to every gourmet lover. Go ahead and explore the finger-licking feasts of Ahmedabad with this write-up.

Ahmedabad Food Guide

Gujarati Cuisine
Ahmedabad food, far-famed for its zesty, tasty authentic Gujarati cuisines, attracts tons of bon vivants with its exciting array of traditional delights, which primarily comprises of wheat breads, rice, delicious chutneys and pickles. The mouthwatering local fare here isn’t just high on taste but nutrients as well, making it hard for the food lovers to pass by without grabbing a mouthful. Popular Gujarati snacks like kadhi, dhokla, kachoris, khandvi and shrikhand aren’t just popular among the locals but are equally loved by tourists from all across the country. On your trip to Ahmedabad, don’t forget to gorge on the famous Gujarati thali that consists of rice, roti, curries, pickles and sweets. You can experience the delight of bingeing on an authentic Gujarati thali in ‘Vishala’, a popular restaurant well known for its ambience and exceptional taste. ‘Agashiye’ near Lal Darwaja and ‘Aadhar’ in Navrangpura are some of the other noted Gujarati restaurants in Ahmedabad where you can feast on authentic local fare.

Fast Food
If you like to savor the quick bite of scrumptious food, then Ahmedabad has wide options for you. From desi pav bhaji to luscious pizzas and burgers, you can snack out on almost anything here. Street side fast food stalls across the city are popular for their luscious foodstuffs and reasonable rates. Apart from the roadside stalls, the city is flooded with a host of well-known eating joints. Freezeland near Law Garden is one such eatery that is famous for its finger licking pizzas, burgers, idli, dosas and other foodstuffs. Havmor outlets, located at many places across the city, are renowned for their burgers, sandwiches, chole-bhature and more. Some of the other noted fast food joints are Anand Fast Food in Naranpura and Anurag Purohit Namkeen and Sweet in Navrangpura.

Indian Cuisine
The cultural diversity of Ahmedabad is well reflected in its elaborate cuisines. From mild South Indian dishes to royal North Indian delights, the city is home to almost an exotic variety of Indian delicacies, which are hugely popular among the locals and tourists. To serve the voracious appetite of its dwellers and visitors, Ahmedabad has a number of restaurants, which offers the regional aroma from around the country. Mirch Masala in Chandan complex at C.G. Road is one such restaurant popular for its North Indian cuisines. Collegian at Ellisbridge and Sankalp at C.G. Road are the other noted Indian restaurants here.

Multi Cuisine
With the origin of a large number of multi-cuisine food joints, Ahmedabad surprises you with its wide variety of appetizing feasts from around the globe. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese and Continental, Ahmedabad indeed has an impressive list of cuisines to offer to its foodies. ‘Master Cook’ in C.G.Road at Navrangpura is one of the best multi cuisine restaurants that serve a variety of continental and Chinese delicacies. Orchid at Ashram Road, Narmada at Hansol and Haute Peppers at Bodakdev are the other noted multi cuisine restaurants in Ahmedabad.