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The shopping lanes in Agra have enough to please and entertain. Scroll down this write-up to know more on the best shopping places in Agra.

Shopping In Agra

No vacation is complete without a little bit of retail therapy. No matter which place you happen to go, bingeing on the local souvenirs is one fun experience that cannot be paralleled. Sure, gaping at the iconic Mughal architecture, Taj Mahal and experiencing the other architectural delights in Agra is an overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, there is more to Agra than just its iconic monument of love and its spate of heritage sites. Apart from the historians and the epicureans, Agra has loads to offer to its discerning shoppers as well. Right from stone studded jewellery to beautiful carpets to metal figurines, you can shop for indigenous arts and crafts here. As you stroll along the bazaar lanes, you will realize that Agra is every shopper's haven. The best part of shopping in Agra is that you can always haggle your way through the best deals. Some of the well-known shopping areas in the city are Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road, Taj Ganj, Gawalior Road, Kinari Bazaar and Pratap Pura. To get to know more about the shopping places in Agra, read through the following write-up.

Things To Buy In Agra

When shopping in Agra, you just can't get away without splurging on the marble crafts that are the highest selling art pieces here. Whether you wish to take back home a miniature marble replica of Taj Mahal or splurge on meticulously designed exquisite marble crafts like vases, tabletops, ashtrays and ornamental boxes, the state emporiums here have loads to offer to the shoppers. However, make sure you don't get duped by fake soapstone artifacts that are crystalline in nature. Make sure you buy your marble artifacts from authorized stores only.

Leather Goods
Whether you wish to indulge in leather boots, belts, bags, gloves, shoes, slippers or jackets, Agra is the place to go. Agra has a booming leather market from where you can get the best deals on leather goods and accessories at affordable prices. The best place to buy leather products is at Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road and Kinari Bazaar from where you can pick amazing leather stuff at amazing deals. Other good places to splurge in leather products are Shilpagram Crafts Village and Gangotri Emporium.

Another must-buy item in Agra is its exquisite, eye-catching rugs and carpets. Carpet weaving that has been in vogue since the Mughal era that continues to draw potential buyers even today from different parts of the world. You can choose from a plethora of hand woven rugs, mats, wall hangings and carpets or opt for the industry manufactured ones. The carpet shops are concentrated close to Taj Mahal complex. You can pick carpets of every possible design, finish and rates from the shops lined up in Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road and Kinari Bazaar. However, the best place to pick up these carpets at a cheap price is from the Shilpagram Crafts Village.

Metal Wares
Besides the above mentioned artifacts and goods, the city is also well known for its brass work. There are several government managed emporiums that sell brassware at very nominal prices. Some of the brass items available here are metal sculptures, ornamental boxes, traditional water pipes, plates, jars, vases, safe boxes etc. The best places to buy these metal wares are Gangotri Emporium, Shilpagram Crafts Village and the shops in Munro Road and Sadar Bazaar.