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To know why Agra is called the paradise for art connoisseurs, make a quick jaunt to the place. Read the write-up to know more on the best time to visit Agra and schedule your trip accordingly.

Best Time To Visit Agra

If you are looking to travel a beaten path and while away your vacation in a place that exudes grandeur and stateliness, then the historical city of Agra might be your ultimate destination. Situated 200 km away from the capital city of New Delhi, this sprawling city, which melds history with heritage, sashays the splendor of its royal past with perfect panache. With its slew of historical memorials, a jaunt down the lanes of Agra is like history revisited. This hugely crowded city is always mobbed by curious wanderers who flock in large numbers to capture the essence of the Taj Mahal and explore its architectural delights. If you are truly intrigued by India's history and wish to get a slice of its past splendor, then making a quick trip to Agra would be a great idea. However, before you schedule your trip, do check out for the weather as Agra is endowed with extreme climatic conditions. Trail this write-up to get a perfect know-how on when to go to Agra and enjoy your stay there.

When To Go To Agra

Like most other cities in northern India, Agra too experiences extreme weather conditions, with sizzling hot summers and foggy, cold winters. During the summer months of April, May and June, Agra blazes with extreme heat with the average temperature scuttling somewhere between 370C to 440C. The city receives heavy rainfall during July that lasts until the initial weeks of September. During the end of September, the winter chill sets in with occasional post-monsoon showers further adding to the chill. Winter begins in October and continues until January with temperatures dropping down to 70C on extreme cold days. During the months of January, the city sometimes experience 'Western Disturbances' that is caused by the storms occurring in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean that give rise to rainfall in the northern part of the sub-continent.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
If you enjoy a hot summer day and prefer humidity to chilly winter days, then you should visit the city anytime between March to June. Summers in Agra can be very intense and can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. So ensure to carry a lot of cold beverages, hats and sun creams for maximum protection while touring the place. Even if you prefer the monsoons, its best advised to stay away from the city during the rainy season as the city receives rampant showers during this time of the year that might mar your travel plans. Nevertheless, you could visit Agra during the months of September and October when the city receives post-monsoon showers. Winters in the city is very cold. Agra experiences extreme winters. So, make sure to carry few warm clothing to keep the chills away.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Agra is anytime between November to March when the weather is most pleasant here. Like Delhi, Agra also experiences sweltering heat. Hence, it is best to stall your travel plans until later months of the year. Since the city experiences severe weather changes, visiting it during the months of September to November and March to May would best suit your travel plans.