Here are some fabulous healthy low calorie child snack ideas. Check out simple snack food ideas for kids.

Healthy Snacks for Child

In modern times, it is the snacks that are sailing smoothly everywhere and are keeping hunger at bay for children. If you do not want your child to consume unhealthy, high- calorie fast food or snacks; then you are on the right page! Nowadays, as kids are becoming more and more conscious about their health, magazines and websites are flooded with recipes, offering simple snack food ideas for kids. Some of the healthy snacks for children could be; dried fruit and nut mix, fresh or canned vegetables or fruit served plain or with low-fat yogurt, chopped raw vegetables and dip, pretzels or popcorn, toasted whole grain breads, soy yoghurt, tofu hot dogs, chunks of avocado, cucumber, or cooked sweet potato, small rice cakes with peanut butter, fresh soybeans or homemade muffins or cornbread. You could either try one or make a mix of all these delicious snacks and surprise your children. Not only will they down large portions of these delicious snacks, they will also get the required nutrients that are a requisite for a healthy, developing body. If you would like to go through more options for healthy snacks for children, scroll further.

Low Calorie Child Snack Ideas

Fresh Fruits
There is nothing better than a large portion of fresh fruit going into your child’s stomach. Children are visual beings and would be willing to taste anything that might look colorful or look appetizing. You could make a fruit salad bowl or arrange it creatively, maybe in a certain shape or a smiley face to make it look even more presentable. If your child is fussy about fruits, make sure you keep smaller portions of the fruits that he/she does not like in the bowl and more of the fruits that they prefer. Fruits like watermelon, mangoes, bananas, orange sections, plums, strawberries and grapes are great choices nutrition wise!

Tuna Sandwiches
A much better alternative to the traditional PB&J sandwiches, tuna sandwiches are not only delicious but help you keep your calories in count. These are quick to whip up in the kitchen and are high in protein, which is required for growing, active children. If your child does not like the flavor of tuna, you could cure it in the fridge for about 30 minutes in lemon juice or mix their favorite ketchup or mayonnaise to lighten the flavor. Either way, these are delightful snacks!

Wheat Pasta
Move over the doughy pasta varieties and opt for a different variation of your favorite rigatoni, fettuccine, spaghetti, penne or gnocchi. Yes, wheat pastas are packed with flavor and the best part is, your child might not spot the difference in taste! So, go ahead and whip out your child’s favorite spaghetti with meatballs or with cream sauce.

Dips & Veggies
If your child loves dips with chips and you are worried that he/she might put on a few extra kilos, then it is time you take some action. With a wide array of fresh ingredients such as tomatillos, tomatoes, chilies, onions, avocado and other veggies, you could make homemade dips and instead of serving them with fries or a packet of crisps, you could slice up a few carrots and cucumbers and dish it out in front of them. Not only is it a healthy snack, it will be quite filling and delicious too.

Mini-Sliders Or Pizzas
Mini-sliders are smaller versions of burgers and are a great alternative to sandwiches if your child is bored of them. You could either use a lot of lettuce and some protein or your child’s favorite sauces, a cheese slice or two and a couple of veggies for that perfect snack. If they are just not into bread, you could roll out some hand-made pizza dough and sprinkle it with your child’s favorite toppings, a generous quantity of veggies and some love and you are good to go!

Fresh Juices
Fresh juices are a lot more filling than the juices you would find in departmental stores and they are less in concentrated flavors and are packed with nutrients. Without adding any extra sugar, limit your child’s intake of other sugary drinks and serve more of fresh fruit or vegetable juices along with a bowl of whole-grain crackers.

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potatoes are the new ‘in’! They are softer, sweeter and yummier versions of regular French fries and taste great with homemade ketchup or a homemade dip. These fries will definitely appeal to the palate of children as they are naturally sweet and are also healthier alternatives to the regular fries made of regular potatoes. These are great snacks, are filling and can be given to children in sizeable portions, without having to worry about their health.

These delicious yet quick snacks for children will not only ensure that they are eating right but will also provide all the necessary nutrients required for a child’s body. Whether you decide to put these snacks in their lunchbox for school or decide to use them for a party, your children will definitely love you for these lip-smacking treats!