Here is some information about the different types of alcoholic beverages. Read more the different kinds of alcohol.

Different Types of Alcoholic Beverages

The market is stocked with different types of alcoholic beverages, ranging from beer to whisky and rum to gin and brandy to wine. However these drinks differ in terms of the alcohol content. There are some alcohol beverage types that are low in alcohol content like beer. Beer has an alcohol content of about 3-8% and wine consists of approximately 7-18% alcohol concentration. Many a times, by adding distilled products, the alcohol content of certain alcoholic beverages increase. Distinctive alcoholic beverages differ in terms of their aging process like beer that undergoes a process of short fermentation, which lasts for about a week or so. On the contrary, wine, which involves a longer process of fermentation, has a longer aging period, lasting many months or even years. Beer is usually made from barley, whereas whisky is a blend of distinctive kinds of grains. Wine can be made with different fruits like plums and cherry, but usually the wine that can be found in the market is made from grapes. In the list of distilled alcoholic beverages, vodka and gin are the most common ones. Continue to read, to learn more interesting facts about the different types of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol Beverage Types

Beverage Source Alcohol content (percentage)
Brandy Fruit juices 40 - 50
Whisky Cereal grains 40 - 55
Rum Molasses/sugarcane 40 - 55
Wines (Port, Sherry) Grapes & other fruits 22-Oct
Beer Cereals 8-Apr

Different Types of Alcoholic Beverages

Originated from the Dutch word ‘brandewijn’, which means ‘burned wine’, Brandy was first made in the 7th century. It is usually made from fruits and the different variations in brandy include grape brandy, pomace brandy and fruit brandy. It has an alcoholic content of approximately 40 to 50 per cent.

This alcoholic beverage is available in a wide range of distilled spirits. There are nine basic varieties and each of these variations is made in dozens of flavors. It can be quite a daunting task to find a brand of scotch that suits a person’s preferences.Scotch whiskey comes in single malt and multiple malt.

This is a form of distilled beverage that is made from rye grain. It is also made with corn, rice or malted barley. Most of the popular and good quality rye whisky is made in Pennsylvania and Maryland and is frequently used in cocktails.

Rum is the only beverage that is made from authentic sugarcane. It is processed by pressing and fermenting the juice of sugarcane and is sometimes distilled and fermented for a long period of time. The other way of making it is by using the left over molasses. It is then fermented by adding yeast.

There are nearly 3000 variations of beer available in the market, 200 different flavors and a number of brands. It is made when the yeast reacts with water and when the grains ferment, the beer is created.

Wine is usually made from fermented grapes. The grapes are crushed and pressed and the fermentation occurs naturally after a certain kind of yeast is added to the concoction. Some wines are bottled immediately, while others are left to ferment.

Drinks & Occasions
On the whole it is important to consider your own tastes and preferences while choosing a drink. The next time you raise a toast remember to choose a drink that best complements your personality. Be careful not to consume a beverage that you may be allergic to or something that may induce vomiting, as certain beverages do not suit all people. Consult your bartender the next time you choose a drink.