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Here is presented information about the symptoms of Menopausal Disorder. Check out the causes of menopause.

Menopausal Disorder Information

Menstruation (menses) is the monthly discharge of the inner lining of the uterus, in a woman. It starts at adolescence and ends when a woman reaches mid or late forties. This cessation of menses is known as menopause and it signifies the end of the reproductive period of a female's life. In this phase, ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The stage is a normal part of aging and is experienced by every woman. However, at times, there are certain disorders that accompany menopausal stage. In the following lines, we have provided the causes and symptoms of menopausal disorder.

Causes Of Menopausal Disorder
Symptoms Of Menopausal Disorder