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Here is presented information about causes of dandruff. Read about dandruf symptoms.

Dandruff Information

Shedding of the outer layer of the skin, after a period of time, is a common phenomenon. When it comes to scalp, the falling of dry, shiny scales is known as dandruff. Though a regular feature, dandruff can get very irritating if the skin gets infected. People affected with this problem would experience white flakes falling from their head all the time. Dandruff is a common problem and affects people of all ages. Though it is believed that dandruff only occurs on dry skin, one can encounter the problem with oily skin as well. Malfunctioning of the body is the primary cause for dandruff. Go through the following lines to know more about the causes and symptoms of dandruff.

Causes Of Dandruff
Symptoms Of Dandruff