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Here is presented information about corns, its causes and symptoms.

Corns Information

'Corns' is the name given to thickening of skin on the feet, which extends up to the subcutaneous tissues. Usually small in size, they are painful and make walking a cumbersome task. Corns usually occur in the skin areas that are being pressed on by underlying bony structures. They are generally found on the area surrounding the finger nails or in the closed area between the finger toes. Tender to touch, a corn can become inflamed due to constant friction and pressure from footwear. It generally appears as white and gray or yellow and brown in color, depending on your skin type. While unclean foot and tight fitting shoes are the main causes of corns, they may result from other reasons as well. In the following lines, we have provided some of the causes and symptoms of corns.

Causes Of Corns
Symptoms Of Corns