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Here is presented information about burns, its causes and symptoms.

Burns Information

Burn is an injury caused to the skin surface, when it is exposed to a source of heat and electricity. Burns vary according to the tissues affected, the severity of harm caused and the resultant complications. Muscle, bone, blood vessel and epidermal tissue can all be damaged during burns. There are three main degrees of burn - first degree, which hampers the outer layer of the skin i.e. skin surface, second degree, which causes harm to the layers beneath the top skin, and third degree, which affects all the layers of the skin. Apart from causing physical harm, burns also affect a person emotionally and psychologically. Know more about the causes and symptoms of burns.

Causes Of Burns
Symptoms Of Burns

First-Degree Burns (Top Layer Of The Skin)
Second-Degree Burns (Layer Beneath Top Layer)
Third-Degree Burns (All Layers)
Common Symptoms Of All Degrees Of Burns