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Here are presented a few Sprain cure home remedies. Read about Sprain home remedy treatment.

Home Remedy for Sprain

Wear and tear of the ligaments is a common phenomenon, especially when a person indulges in regular physical activity. A sprain can be described as an injury in which the tissues around the injured joint get torn. These tissues, better known as ligaments, are extremely soft in nature. They connect two or more bones together to form a joint. During a sprain, one or more ligaments get worn out and tear apart. Wrists, ankles and knees are the areas most susceptible to sprains. Some of the common causes of sprain are sudden fall, a forceful blow to the body, twisting, stepping on an uneven surface, lifting heavy objects and over-stretching of the ligaments. Though it is not a fracture, sprain can be just as painful. Through the following lines, we will tell you how to treat a sprain with home remedies.

Home Remedy For Sprain