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Here are presented a few Leg Cramps cure home remedies. Read about Leg Cramps home remedy treatment.

Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Leg cramps is the term used in reference to a state where a muscle of the leg gets contracted, thereby causing pain and uneasiness. Though leg cramps can affect any person, it occurs more in elderly people. The calf muscle, hamstring and quadriceps are the areas most susceptible to leg cramps. Some of the causes for leg cramps are dehydration, rigorous exercises, muscle fatigue due to overexertion, overweight, fluid imbalances, diminished blood supply and nerve abnormalities. Severe leg pain, muscle tenderness and inability to move the leg are some of the symptoms seen when a person is suffering from leg cramps. In the following lines, we have provided the home remedies for treating leg cramps.

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps