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Given here is the history of the Indian National Congress. Read about the Indian National Congress party.

Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress was founded in the year 1885. The first session of Congress was presided over by Womesh Chandra Banerjee who was also elected as the first president of Indian National Congress party. Around seventy reputed delegates that included educationalists, lawyers, journalists etc. attended the first session of the congress when it was established. The Indian national congress was considered to be a royal party when it was established. Read on about the history of Indian National Congress.

The Indian National Congress had the following aims and objectives when it was established:
The Indian National Congress had a royal air about it which faded as time passed by.

Though the Congress was made to improve India, the Muslims were opposed to the party. Muslim leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Syed Ameer Ali got invitation to attend the conference when congress party was established but they refused. They also told other Muslims to abstain from joining the party. He predicted that Congress would become a party dominated by the Hindus. The Congress party was broadly divided among two types of members - the conservatives and the leftists. The former had a cautious approach towards the policies while the latter were more into socialism. During the moderate phase of the congress they were extremely loyal to the British but with time the party entered the extremist phase and expressed its displeasure in the policies of the British.