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Here are some fitness walking tips in terms of the right walking technique. Read about proper walking style.

Fitness Walking Tips

Walking is definitely the easiest and most inexpensive way to remain healthy and burn off extra calories. But before starting fitness walking, it is important to know the proper walking style. Like every other exercise, there is a right walking technique; following which you'll not fall prey to chronic body pains and other health disorders. Walking not only keeps you active and full of vigor, but also tones and shapes your body in the right manner. Read further to get some fitness walking tips and information on right walking technique.

1. First of all, consult a doctor and get yourself checked whether your overall health allows you for fitness walking. People having joint pains usually can't walk for long distances. After a thorough check-up, get geared up for the walk.

2. Second most important thing is clothing. Clothing for walking exercise should be comfortable; check out for the fabric which is breathable and sweat-absorbent.

3. Right walking shoes is the other requirement for fitness walking. As wrong shoes may cause damage to your feet, knees, hips, joints and back. Invest in good shoes so that you enjoy walking without complaining any sort of pain in your feet or legs.

4. Warm-up is very important before starting walking. Perform stretches and do light body movements as they will warm-up the muscles and reduce the possibility of getting sprains or injuries. It will make you ready for a cheerful walking session.

5. Walk slowly for initial 2-3 minutes and then increase your pace for 2 minutes. Again slow down the speed for 2 minutes and further speed-up. This way, you will not get tired soon.

6. One common mistake that beginners do while trying to walk fast is lengthening the stride (overstriding). Overstriding actually decelerates the walking pace. Though it will burn more calories, you will get tired very soon.

7. Rather than overstriding to walk faster, focus on a powerful push off while the front foot lands closer to the body.

8. Ensure while walking that you walk heel to toe and not flatfooted to increase the speed. Touch the ground with your heel and roll the foot forward over the center of your foot; push off with your toes.

9. While walking, rotate your hips forward and backward. Your waist should twist as you walk.

10. Make sure to keep your torso upright. Leaning forward or back will slow down your speed.

11. Keep your hands relaxed and elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep you arms close to your body and swing them forward and back. Speeding up your arm swing will automatically increase your walking speed.

12. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed as you walk. Your head should be upright, while eyes looking forward.

13. You can bring your upper body into your workout by simply pumping your arms. It is an easy way to burn more calories while walking. If you want to tone up, use arm muscles during your workout.

14. Walking on an incline is one of the fastest ways to burn more calories. Say, walking on an inclined treadmill will burn more of your calories than walking on a flat surface.