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Here is a guide to beginners walking program. Read about some guidelines for beginners walking.

Walking For Beginners

Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain your fitness level, walking is the perfect activity for the same. The reason being that it can be undertaken almost anywhere, along the road, in the park or at the lakeside, as well as anytime - be it early morning or late evening. Then, there is no cost associated with walking and you do not have to adhere to any gym timings for the same. Last, but not the least, embarking on a walking program is very easy. All you require is a pair of comfortable shoes, flexible clothing and some basic tips and you are ready to start your exercise schedule. In the following lines, we have provided the basic guidelines for beginners walking program.

Walking Tips For Beginners

Warming Up
Proper warming is necessary before undertaking any type of physical exercise. For walking regimen, stick to a slow walking pace for the initial 2-3 minutes and following it with some stretching. This will help enhance your flexibility and avoid any undue stress on your body. Thereafter, you can carry on with your walking.

In the initial stages, limit your walking duration to a total of 20 minutes, on a daily basis. Follow this routine regularly for a week and, if you are comfortable with the pace and duration, increase your walking time by 5 minutes. You can keep on adding 5 minutes to your daily walking duration, after every week, as long as you feel comfortable. Stop when it goes past your capacity.

Body Posture
While walking, it is necessary to keep a track of your body posture. This is because bad posture can lead to serious health problems, becoming a cause of concern in the future. Never ever slouch while watching. You need to walk straight and tall, with your head up, arms swinging, abs tightened, back straight and shoulders relaxed.

Cooling Down
After you've finished your walking session, it is necessary to cool down your body. For the purpose, you need to start walking at a very slow pace and do some stretches once again. Make sure that you do not skip the step; otherwise you might end up doing great harm to your body.

Some More Tips