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Here is information about pregnancy water exercises. Read about exercising in water during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Water Exercises

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of every woman's life. Enjoying the phase of motherhood could be a little difficult with the temporary problems like nausea, backache, etc. It is important for the would-be mother to be happy and stress free. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep the body active; water exercises can make the best low-impact exercise program for a pregnant lady to remain active without giving stressing on the foetus. Swimming, water jogging, and aqua aerobics are some of the best water exercises to carry out while pregnant.

Why Water Exercises?
Exercising in water is just apt for pregnant women since the water's buoyancy requires a person to support only 50 percent of his body weight. Besides, it reduces the risk of stress-related injuries and the density of the water is comforting on joints and muscles, which get stressed by the added weight of your pregnancy. The water's temperature also keeps the pregnant lady from overheating during the workout.

Even if you're unable to swim, you can do water exercises as most of the moves are performed in waist or chest-high water. Simple swimming laps, walking, jogging, or running in water, will strengthen your core trunk muscles, legs and hips, increasing your cardio-respiratory fitness. For these exercises, there is no need to have any special equipment; however you can use flippers, foam tubes, webbed gloves, and water weights to enhance the moves.

Water Workouts
Water workouts typically are divided into two categories: aqua aerobics and aqua exercise. Aqua aerobics comprise of many fat-burning and endurance-building qualities of land-based aerobics, with no high-impact pounding that can be dangerous while pregnant. Aqua exercise concentrates on improving muscle tone, strength and mobility. For a perfect 30-minute workout, do aerobic activity with strengthening moves.

After a warm up of 5 minutes which usually include swimming a few laps or walking back and forth across the pool; alternate high-intensity walking or jogging with low-intensity recovery periods. The duration of each interval depends on your fitness level; you can begin with 15 seconds. Then you are ready to perform strengthening moves. Alternate another aerobic set and then another strengthening move, continuing the same for 30 minutes. Now cool down for 5 minutes by swimming some laps or walking around the pool. Make sure to do some gentle stretching.

Strengthening Moves
Note: Make sure to drink plenty of water while exercising in the water. Don’t ever jump or dive into the pool. Before starting any kind of exercise during pregnancy, make certain to consult your doctor. Don't expect to maintain your pre-pregnancy swiftness, and stop immediately when you feel tired, experience dizziness, headache, or cramping. If you notice any vaginal bleeding, contractions, unusual absence of fetal movements, blurred vision, or difficulty in walking, call your doctor immediately.