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Here are some back exercises that can be performed during pregnancy. Read about pregnancy back exercises.

Pregnancy Back Exercises

A pregnant lady undergoes several physical changes in her body. One of the most important changes is the change in the centre of gravity in her body. As the pregnancy matures, the centre of gravity starts tilting towards the back side bringing the entire body weight concentrated on the back. This gradually leads to diastasis recti, the separation of the connective tissue of the abdomen, which further makes the back left overloaded with the entire body weight leaving the pregnant lady in extreme back pain.

How are Back Exercises Helpful in Pregnancy?
Almost half of the entire population of women who undergo pregnancy suffer back ailment. Simple stretch exercises of the back during pregnancy help in avoiding stiffness of the lower back and distribution of concentration of weight in surrounding area, relieving the back from extreme pressure of the fetus body weight as well as own body weight. These exercises also help you strengthen your back muscles, so that you can bear the excess load.

Before You Begin Your Pregnancy Back Exercises
In case you are pregnant and planning to proceed with back exercises, make sure to consult your gynecologist to rule out any possible risk. Also, make sure that you begin with very light exercises. After first trimester avoid all the exercises that require you lying on your back. Avoid over exertion and in case you feel some thing unusual, do not hesitate consulting your doctor.

Given here are some effective and easy to carry back exercises that can be performed during pregnancy:

Cat back stretch
Benefits: It strengthens as well as makes your entire back flexible.
Process: Support your entire body on your knees and palms. After getting down on your fours completely flatten your back and align them from neck to tail. Gradually start arching your back from tail to shoulders. Hold for some time. Come back to original position. Repeat a few times.

Heel sits
Benefits: It stretches your lower back and butts.
Process: Get down on your bend knees. Now stretch your hands ahead of you and place your palms flat on the floor. Gradually swing back on to your heels with your knees comfortably apart. Now as you sit back, move your fingers frontward increasing the stretch. Do with one arm at a time. Do not repeat more than 3 times.

Trunk twist
Benefits: It stretches your back as well as upper torso.
Process: Sit comfortably on the floor with both your legs crossed. Now hold your left foot with your left hand and place the right hand on the floor for support. Now gradually twirl your upper torso in the right direction. Hold for few seconds. Repeat with another hand.

Rocking back arch
Benefits: It stretches and strengthens the muscles of the back, hips and abdomen. Process: Get down on all your fours. Make sure while doing so you evenly distribute your weight on your hands, knees and back. Also pay heed that your back is not arching. Now swing back and forth moderately. Return to your original position. Repeat few times.