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Here is a guide to some real effective pregnancy abs exercises. Read about pregnancy abdominal exercises.

Pregnancy Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises are very important during pregnancy not because they help in shaping your abs but because they help in strengthening your spine in order to reduce the back aches. These exercises are also meant for promoting good posture and support your body. It is very important to understand that the abdominals are actually a set of muscles working together to allow you to twist, turn, and bend and in order to smoothly carry on these activities, a proper regime for the maintenance of abdominal muscles is vital during pregnancy.

Why Abdominal Exercises are Vital During Pregnancy?
Apart from keeping your abdominal muscles fit and fine to twist, turn, and bend, the abdominal exercises during pregnancy also goes a long way in preventing diastasis recti, the separation of the connective tissue of the abdomen, which is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. The y also check on your postures and help in preventing accumulation of strain at a single place.

Before You Begin Your Pregnancy Abdominal Exercises
In case, you are planning to begin with your pregnancy abdominal exercises, make sure you keep few things in concern. First of all, get checked by your gynecologist that your abs exercises are safer for you in every manner. Try not to over strain yourself. Also, avoid exercises that require you to lie on your back after first trimester as these can hinder oxygen for you and your baby.

Given here are some effective and easy to carry abs exercises that can be performed during pregnancy:

Abdominal Contractions
Tilt against pillows or an exercise ball to keep your back aligned. Place your hands on your stomach and deeply inhale. Completely fill your chest and stomach with air you inhale. Now strain and contract the abdominal wall and exhale out till your lungs are completely vacant.

Pelvic Rocking
Support your entire body on your hands and knees. Now slant your pelvis under by constricting the inner abdominal muscles carefully. Carefully avoid arching your back. Hold this position for few seconds.

Side Bending
Support your entire body on your hands and knees. While holding yourself on them, slightly crunch your oblique muscles by moving your shoulder and hip towards one other. Do it on both the sides.

Sit erect with your knees curved before you but your feet placed on the floor. Now, gradually bow back as far as you are able to hold on. Stay for some time and then slowly roll back up. Incase you need additional support, clutch your thighs with your hands or place your hands on the floor.