According to Feng Shui, lucky bamboo plant brings good luck. Read more about growing lucky bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky BambooLucky Bamboo Plant is the Feng Shui bamboo plant which brings good luck and prosperity to its surrounding environment. The botanical name of this plant is Dracaena and is very easy to maintain. It does not need sunlight or any other condition to survive. It just requires fresh water, once a week and it can survive for years. Therefore, the maintenance cost of this plant is absolutely nothing. Lucky Bamboo is considered very auspicious for a place where money is kept.

It can also be kept at the places indicated by the Bagua map. Growing the lucky bamboo plant not only attracts good fortune, but also restores the flow of chi at the place where energy flow has been restricted. As it enhances the circulation of positive energy, it is considered very good to place it near a person whose health needs to be improved. Apart from being sturdy, Lucky Bamboo is quite pleasant in appearance. It is usually seen in jade color and is also very flexible.

The most striking feature of the plant is that it can grow in any condition, at any place. As it does not require sunlight, it is ideal for the places which need to be brightened up and which do not receive any natural light. Thus, the dark spots in your house are no more a problem, as the lucky bamboo plant will enhance both light and energy amount in the area. The lucky bamboo is also important due to the fact that it is a combination of all the five elements of Feng Shui like

Wood - The bamboo itself
Earth - The rocks the plant grows in
Water - The water the plant grows with
Fire - Most pots usually have a red ribbon tied to them
Metal - The glass pots belong to the metal element.

Even if the Bamboo is planted in a pot other than glass (i.e. clay or ceramics), it will usually contains either a metal coin, or a metal figurine with it. While buying a lucky bamboo, keep in mind the number of stalks, as different number refers to different purpose, for e.g.